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Full Version: ACB programming question
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I am trying to make a prop that will spin for 5 seconds, then stop for 5 seconds and keep going like that.

Anyone tried to do this?
It's not too hard. Try this:

1. Hit Q on the propeller, set one of the buttons there green (I did Y so I'll use Y from here on)

2. You need 3 ACBs in a row, touching (like this: [A][B][C]), set as follows:

ACB A: Timer, 10 seconds, Range 2. Turn ACBs on.
ACB B: Object in range X (set so that it is always true), Complex controls [Y]
ACB C: Timer, 10 seconds, Range 2. Turn ACBs off. Set Action Delay to 5s and Activation interval also to 5.

They will be out of sync at first. Pulling the vehicle out of play and bringing it back will make the timers sync up.

ACB B can be set to any condition that is always true. Object in range is easy to control so I used that.

ACB A will turn the center ACB B on every 10 seconds.
ACB C will turn the center ACB B off every 10 seconds but is delayed 5 seconds.

ACB B will send a complex controller input to the propeller while it is enabled and the condition is true.
ah, beat me to it........... i did it a slightly different way that doesn't have sync issues

I set up a prop in thruster mode , made "O" green(not often used)

ACB 1 -set to object presence, complex control,"O" mounting it front side down so it always gives the "O" command

ACB 2 - set to timer, every 10 seconds,ACB, set the range so it only controls ACB 1, disable

ACB 3 - set to timer,every 5 seconds,ACB,enable,10 second between activation

ACB 1 always holds "O" until ACB 2 turns it off, it stays off until ACB 3 turns it back on, 10 seconds between activation means it skips 1 (or you can set ACB 2 with a higher priority than ACB 3 so it ignores 1 activation)

The run time is controlled by ACB 3 timer setting and the off time is controlled by how much higher ACB 2 timer setting is over ACB 3.

range is only important on ACB 2 because it's trying to turn off ACBs(stopping the whole system), ACB 3 is harmless because it's trying to turn them all on, unless you have other ACB systems on your craft than you would limit it.....
Here's yet another solution with only 2ACB that can be handy in smaller builds.
Note: it will affect all forward facing props pops

Activator ACB
[Image: Jq1k8pK.png]

Deactivator ACB
[Image: 9HcxvjY.png]

Example BP is attached.
Thanks fellas this will do me just fine