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Full Version: The Heavy Tank Variants of the mark 5
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This tank has two versions one entirely made of Heavy armor( costing at 50k), and a only Front plate Heavy armor and the rest is metal (costing close to 32k materials). 

They now have a fuel engine making 2400 hp (Over kill yes, but It never hurts to have more horsepower than needed) 

- It carries 2900 ammo, 32k fuel, and 10900 resource.
- they dont carry any repair bot or tentacles.
- the front plate has spaces of 1m between plates so it more HESH resistant than the mark 5
[Image: LBzRESs.jpg]
1) This thing is too big. I won't recommend building tanks higher than 6 meters.
2) Armour is too thin. Even on HA version.
3) Tank this big should not be made out of HA. Try and use armour stacking instead.
4) lots of internal space = one-shot from CRAM/HESH shells.
5) Vital components are not armoured enough (internal part of the turret, the front of turret cap, AI etc)
6) Bad neighbourhood of Ai, ammo and engine. This part is literally a magnet for any enemy`s attacks.
7) The gun is a little bit on the overkill side.
All in all this time you already have made good progress. I`m looking forward to see your future projects.
I just made a turretless spg variant of the mark 5 that requires some fine tuning but the basics are there.... sorta.

It isnt done yet but progress was made.

[Image: OObgmtv.jpg]
He is right, armor is too thin and tank very big... If you were to make it smaller you can have much stronger and thicker armor.
So since the tank its easier to hit it has now been given more armor around the sides, the turret, and its back.

aaand moved the ai so it isn't as a weakspot as before


The HTM 4_6 has armor on the turret and other nicks and nacks.

also i made a weird version in which it has turrets on its side using CRAM cannons (dont ask why, not even i know)