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Full Version: Halloween 2018 Event! Looking for Submissions.
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Hey everyone!

Looking for some Halloween inspired for a special campaign this year. Unlike the last Halloween even in 2016, I am brocading what is being looked for. I want to encompass more of what Halloween actually is, which isn't just horror and scary stuff, but also the costume and dress up part. 

The campaign might be a tower defense-esque campaign, where the player defends against hordes of enemies sent at them. The starting zone  might have  some land, port like in structure, unknown for now.

As for crafts, anything you think is Halloween related. 
I'd like to keep crafts below 10k blocks, less than 20k volume. Some of every size will help. The smaller it is, the more it'll be spawned in.
No exploits or lua please. (stacking stuff inside each other, cheated bp etc)
Every craft needs heartstones and a place to sit and control the craft.
The emphasis is on looks. Gimmicks are ideal, but do have it work.
Please don't just have the craft made out of just HA, the crafts should be around campaign's Regular difficulty. 
No Repair bots or repair tentacles.

A base for the player which will be on land, perhaps 2 starting towers.

Deadline around Oct 25th!

Please post images with submissions with a quick description of its weaponry/gimmick etc. Please don't post too many images.
The FalkenKrov:

30 APN Guidance bombs ( With Radar ) and 6 Simple Auto-cannons

It serves as a simple bomber constantly circling above its enemies, its the Falkenheim dressed up as the Kirov Airship From RA3

The costume:


In-game Photos:



Blueprint Download (Now Fixed & Updated):

The Candlestick. Armed with 4 6m fragmentation missiles, meant to bombard a players defences and ships from a distance. In the case of sufficient interception, it also launches flares to distract IR missiles nearby.
She's not the prettiest, but it turns out making a shape as basic as a candle have a lot of texture is actually rather difficult


I present the Cursed Skull 

Armed with 2 x 1406mm CRAM cannons (10.16sec)

Advances to 650m of the target then just hovers and shoots.
@mongboy Loving the skill, the pipe makes it better.

@Neth5 not bad, the base could use some more paint? maybe.

@Silver very nice

keep them coming, the new dev test missiles will be allowed as they'll be stable before this Event is released!
I built a cauldron. It is absolutely horrible in combat. Circular ships dont seem to work very well Sad
The Doom Train!

6x1119mm crams (9.14sec)
1x2000mm cram (17.07sec)
6x1748mm crams (13.7sec)
1x380mm APS HE (1.06sec) (AK47 skin (kinda))

Broadsides at about 1km
Not particularly good at fighting but is more for looks.
Also Spooki
Lovely Caudron, the bubbling smoke is a good touch

@mongboy very unique, does that skeleton have an Ak47? xD
Why not the very TV monster which created the term "Behind the Sofa"? EXTERMINATE
A small spammable laser toting Dalek. While it may be a glass cannon, well, it is cheap, and it is a DALEK!
1XLaser (2Q switch, 864 pulsed damage, 100AP)
1XCommand position in the neck

GIMMICK: The only major detection equipment is in the head, a camera, and that head has ammo in it, the idea, to simulate the Dalek's in-show weakness of the eye stalk.

(Based on what would happen if a normal dalek was equipped with a modified version of the Special Weapons Dalek's cannon)

NOTE: I am considering making a larger, different, version either the Dalek Emperor, or the Dalek Commander (Or both), inspired by their namesakes. Do you want them?

(It has clipping, but only for aesthetic purposes (The classic Dalek "Orbs", Is that OK?)

[Image: unknown.png]
Lol this is awesome man
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