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Full Version: Does anybody want this campaign?
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The campaign has been left to fester and I'm planning on removing it from the game. This could be largely my fault and if it is I apologise for that- a lot of great work went into it.

Does anyone want it, so that they can manage it privately or in a team and make it a steam workshop submission?

If you do, let me know what your plans for it are, as I'm interested, and take a copy of all of the files in the StreamingAssets folder of the game.
I personally dont like the DW campaign, uploading to steam might not be an option since it has a data limit which is shared with screenshots and other games.

Helious for example uses a dropbox to keep the campaign up to date which might work if someone takes over DW.
I just registered after reading this, well Hello I bought FTD long time ago because I knew I want to play it someday while playing other games like this one, the mechanics in this game are pure enjoy! I'm still replaying some of the tutorials to learn everything , we decided to drop other games and jump back to From The Depths, me and friends are amazed with new graphics and options in building, I'm veteran of war thunder and world of warships and I really wanted to try that campaign but right now I'm still designing ships from WW2 even the small ones which carried only 2 torpedoes like D-3 torpedo boat or anti aircraft boat SF-40. So I don't want to be selfish but I think other players who love fleet naval battles will be sad Sad With Regards. I think it will be first game I have enjoyed soo much just because of unique building mode, and how complicated it was before for me.
Get rid of it. I assume you saw my thread, theres a group of people trying to remake it so they can keep doing it as CC with your blessing.

Though RTS campaign still has a place in the main game, its just that this campaign is really awful example. For this reason you should consider making one in future once the RTS features gets improved.

Based on Neter, on its factions, it will be way better by default than this shipwreck.

This campaign is cautionary tale, it failed due to multitude of reasons.
  • Dreadful performance by default
  • Complicated constructions of units, making it harder to get builders to actually build stuff
  • FTD is a long shot from realistic combat and unit construction, to get slightly closer to it, units needs to be upscaled and with larger size they need to be more detailed, that leads to the two previous points
  • RTS and editor features development didnt follow through enough, as much as you tried it wasn't enough
  • Outdated and yet to do features like strategic or tactical AI.
  • Eh, community squabbles. Alot of the crew "disappeared" once the campaign got in the base game. And there were some other squabbles here and there. This could all be prevented if the whole project had order and good leadership.
I don't really care about the campaign itself, but those ships are great. Maybe leave them in, as an easter egg, so to say?
Well, It's not really doing anyone any good while it sits there.

And when uninformed newcomers fire it up and find the tangled mess left inside since it was last looked at it might tarnish their view of the overall products' quality so to say.

I'd say give it back to the community and let them fix it up or otherwise employ all the hard work that has already gone into it in a senseful manner. It could still be reworked into something nice with dedication and time. It'd be sad to just throw it away though.

edit: and judging by the WW2 battleship replica spam of varrying quality on the workshop there's still and audience for this stuff Smile
I have no issues removing it from the game. It was left in a sorry state indeed--and I speak as someone who spent quite a few hundred hours building and overseeing ships for it before I got too busy with life. If you can't find committed people to keep it running and updated, then it has no real reason to be there in such a poor state...just the reality of it. Speaking for myself though, I can always put the ships of mine that were put in the campaign on the workshop as well, or someone could compile a list of BPs and put them on the workshop as a Collection. Smile
Some people might want to play with the ships but on Neter they will malfunction (Or function abit differently) due to different physics configuration. For this reason i suggest you or your henchpeople to make a new designer instance called something like "DW legacy designer" and this instance will bear the DW physics configuration so the DW vehicles will work there just as in their original campaign.
I've already posted on reddit and on the discord that I will be attempting to fix it. I've already fixed the map and I'm going through the ships fixing and doing minor rebalances here and there based on glaring issues I know of. I don't have any help but it only takes 15-30 minutes per ship maximum so the timeframe for me to fix the entire campaign is two weeks or less. I didn't really wait for anyone's permission since I couldn't get ahold of anyone in charge of this goatfuck. I also didn't scroll down on this forum to see this post and the poll until today. Oops. I went ahead and ripped the entire thing from base game and will repackage my updated version to be released by SOME means.

Of course, expanding the campaign to something of high quality will likely take significantly longer than just fixing what we already have in. That being said, all the hours that needed to be put into building the ships have been put in for over a year, and once the ships are broadly fixed and updated everything else is extremely easy by comparison. It'd be a real shame to let all those builders' sweat and tears go to waste.

The only missing element I can't do anything about is the fact that I will pretty much have to script the entire expanded campaign to make it resemble a modern RTS. If Nick would update the campaign AI to be more competent that would make my job significantly easier.

If anyone wants to sign up please message me on reddit under this same username, I don't usually hang around the discord for more than a day because none of the moderators get along very well with me and froth at the mouth to mute/kick me.
Update: I finished smoothing out and improving the map and I'm done retrofitting over half of the allied craft. ETA for Improved Dangerous Waters is in the next week or so at this rate.

Update 2: I finished fixing every single allied craft. About 60% done with the whole project.
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