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Very excited to finally release 2.2.4 with new features and small mountain of fixes. New features include ocean simulation, new UI work, physically based rendering (PBR) shaders for all blocks and ACB improvements as well as various other graphics improvements and smaller changes. 

Here are the patch notes - 

v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: ACBs can now have a custom 'min interval between activations'
v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: ACBs delayed action can now be queued (before it wasn't possible, so when an action was delayed the ACB couldn't issue another action)
v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: ACBs now have a custom priority (highest priorities have more control)
v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: All ACB-controlled block types can now have a custom name (use the 'Block naming' skill, or Shift+N when building or not)
v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: An ACB 'AND' logic gate is simulated when several ACBs are touching each other, the ones with only a condition or only an action are 'attached' to the ones with an action and a condition
v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: Major ACB modifications, the inputs and blocks are now in collapsable categories; the states of the condition and action are now displayed
v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: Most ACB conditions can be inverted (as with a 'NOT' logic gate)
v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: Most ACB conditions now have a min and max inputs
v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: The ACB can now use a string pattern to select blocks according to their names
v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: The ACB has been completely overhauled
v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: The ACB now have a 'design' GUI, which displays the location of the blocks controlled by the ACB
v2.2 [Add] <ACB>: Various new ACB conditions and actions
v2.2 [Add] <Blocks>: GP PID now has an option for height above land and waves (rather than land and mean sea level)
v2.2 [Add] <Blocks>: Spot light added (model for it to come)
v2.2 [Add] <Character>: Telekenesis skill now scales with vehicle size
v2.2 [Add] <Character>: There's a new block data copy/paste skill which does the same as 'Ctrl+C' and 'Ctrl+V' in build mode
v2.2 [Add] <Character>: There's a new debug skill to see the AC and health of a block (the real AC, with all the stacking if any)
v2.2 [Add] <Character>: There's a new EMP debug skill (working as the explosion or impact debug skills)
v2.2 [Add] <Effects>: Added a reflection probe to the camera to facilitate reflections 
v2.2 [Add] <Effects>: Added an ambient occlusion effect which is toggleable from the options menu
v2.2 [Add] <Effects>: Added an image blooming effect which is toggleable and customisable from the options menu
v2.2 [Add] <Effects>: Added PBR shaders for all vehicle materials to produce Physically Based Rendering
v2.2 [Add] <Effects>: Added the ability to scale sun light and ambient light from the options menu
v2.2 [Add] <Effects>: Implemented deferred rendering
v2.2 [Add] <Missiles>: Variable thrust propellers added
v2.2 [Add] <Modding>: Ability to add changes to the patch notes change log by using static constructors in block classes
v2.2 [Add] <Modding>: ExampleMod mod has been added to FTD which contains a boilerplate mod that adds a new block to the game as well as some code. Visual Studio project included. You'll find this mod in your FTD installation game files alongside all other 'core' mods.
v2.2 [Add] <Modding>: Modders can now indicate that a SubObject is 'decorative only', it will automatically display it along with the ablock it is attached to
v2.2 [Add] <Modding>: The dictionary 'CustomVariables' has been added to 'AllConstruct', 'Block' and 'INode', so mods can have and share their own variables attached to vehicles, blocks and nodes
v2.2 [Add] <Options>: Added the option to enable / disable the shadow casting of vehicle lights
v2.2 [Add] <UI>: Added support for a new and improved UI framework
v2.2 [Add] <UI>: Created a new change logging system
v2.2 [Add] <UI>: Main menu vehicle demo camera now follows vehicles more smoothly
v2.2 [Add] <UI>: Moved the Naval Movement Card UI over to the new framework
v2.2 [Add] <UI>: Moved the options menu to the new UI framework
v2.2 [Change] <AI>: The patrol routes have been simplified and the code made more generic and robust
v2.2 [Change] <APS>: -APS firing pieces now have the equivalent of 10 gauge coolers base(balance for smaller systems vs large)
v2.2 [Change] <APS>: There's now one decimal place for the RoF of the APS firing piece
v2.2 [Change] <Blocks>: Blocks now have a unique Id over the whole vehicle (not only its current SubConstruct)
v2.2 [Change] <Blocks>: Distortion sphere for ERA fixed and new shader
v2.2 [Change] <Blocks>: It is now possible to customize the color of the particle cannon effect
v2.2 [Change] <Blocks>: It is now possible to customize the color of the smoke for the smoke generators
v2.2 [Change] <Blocks>: LWCs now have a custom priority (highest priorities have more control)
v2.2 [Change] <Blocks>: Simple lasers can now have their color modified in their GUI
v2.2 [Change] <Blocks>: Smoke generators can now be stopped
v2.2 [Change] <Buoyancy>: Buoyancy for larger vehicles now takes into account waves and uses a sparse sampling system to maintain performance
v2.2 [Change] <Buoyancy>: Water level heights for large vehicles are sampled sparsely to ensure full coverage but at a lower resolution
v2.2 [Change] <Modding>: A mod .dll can contain multiple 'plugin' classes. These now extend interface GamePlugin not FtdPlugin.
v2.2 [Change] <Modding>: Making your own custom 'object pools' is now possible using Pooler.GetPool<YourPool>. All pools now accessed via this mechanism.
v2.2 [Change] <Modding>: Player profile files now moddable. Use ProfileManager.Instance.GetModule<YourType>() to get and set content of the profile. Loading and saving of this content is automatic.
v2.2 [Change] <Modding>: Plugin.json file property name 'FTD_version' changed to 'gameversion' for compatibility with future games. Update this to read "2.2.0" for compatibility with this release
v2.2 [Change] <Modding>: StaticPools.AdvSoundManager replaced with BrilliantSkies.Core.Pooling.Pooler.GetPool<BrilliantSkies.Effects.SoundSystem.AdvSoundManager>. Pooler.GetPool<AdvSoundManager> when using 'Using statements'.
v2.2 [Change] <Modding>: When there are an error and a warning for a mod, the error is now displayed in priority
v2.2 [Change] <Optimization>: Acessing blueprints via the designer loading window is now faster
v2.2 [Change] <Optimization>: Loading a blueprint is now faster
v2.2 [Change] <Physics>: -Change to explosive force acting on vehicles, includes a small amount of rotational torque and less random flying into space marauders
v2.2 [Change] <Shields>: Shields distort and reflect calculation changed to be more forgiving of angle of incidence and velocity(this is a stop gap until shield reforms)
v2.2 [Change] <Sounds>: Each engine is now slightly pitched differently (not noticeable until you have a whole lot), will reduce crazy noise levels with a lot of them
v2.2 [Change] <Steam>: Now compliant with Steamworks 1.41 rather than 1.32. Steamworks.Net version 11 rather than 9.0 is being used. This doesn't add any new functionality- just keeping up to date.
v2.2 [Change] <Wheels>: Turning wheel does everything a drive wheel does plus turning (they used to only turn)
v2.2 [Change] <Wheels>: Wheels now use a purpose built wheel physics package and should behave much better than previously. You are no longer limited to a maximum of 20 wheels
v2.2 [Fix] <Blocks>: Better management of the LWC firing, the APS guns shouldn't 'eat themselves' anymore when the vehicle is going fast
v2.2 [Fix] <Blocks>: Holoprojector wrong URL when loading a blueprint from v2.15
v2.2 [Fix] <Blocks>: Negative idle azimuth of the 2-axis-turret now works fine
v2.2 [Fix] <Blocks>: Shield external drive now displayed in its GUI (and the plots are updated accordingly)
v2.2 [Fix] <Blocks>: SpinBlock badly displayed when upside down
v2.2 [Fix] <Blocks>: The small and large cannons can now be fired with the ACB
v2.2 [Fix] <Blocks>: When a drill is turned off it slows down now. Before it just kept going.
v2.2 [Fix] <Blocks>: When loading a SubConstruct which has a SubConstruct on it and this child SubConstruct has ammo intakes, the ammo intakes configuration is now loaded correctly
v2.2 [Fix] <Mechanics>: Guns will now fire correctly when they have a delay if fired using an ACB
v2.2 [Fix] <Mechanics>: It is now possible to follow a shell fired manually (using Caps-Lock) even if the weapon has a delay
v2.2 [Remove] <Blocks>: BoomBlock removed
v2.2 [Remove] <Designer>: Removed 'races' from designer.
v2.2.1 [Add] <Effects>: Vehicle paint now has an option to include a modifier for shininess
v2.2.1 [Add] <Technical>: [not recommended] Change streaming assets inside FTD files by creating a file called StreamingFolder.txt next to the executable / app and writing your directory within that text file. Directory must exist.
v2.2.1 [Add] <Technical>: Bug reporter / emailer created which is accessible with SHIFT + F1
v2.2.1 [Add] <Technical>: Change save location from 'my documents' by creating a file called SaveLocation.txt next to the executable / app and writing your directory within that text file. Directory must exist.
v2.2.1 [Add] <UI>: In game block information now displayed in a more consise and easy to read format
v2.2.1 [Add] <UI>: When a block is selected all connected blocks light up blue. Some blocks display issues with a red tint.
v2.2.1 [Add] <UI>: You can now make cutaway views of vehicles by pressing 'end' in build mode
v2.2.1 [Change] <Blocks>: Heliump pump is losing helium x10 time slower for an above water leak compared to an underwater leak
v2.2.1 [Change] <Blocks>: Heliump pump is now providing x1.33 the up-force of an airpump for the underwater volume, and x0.33 for the above water volume (before it was x0.33 for all the volume)
v2.2.1 [Change] <Blocks>: If a block contains 'NOPID' in its name (be careful of the case), then it will not be controlled by a GP PID. Will not work for roll and pitch
v2.2.1 [Change] <Blocks>: Newly placed (or repaired) airpump and helium pump will now start in a fully flooded room
v2.2.2 [Change] <Avatar>: Skills and items are automatically unlocked/locked when added/removed from your toolbar.
v2.2.2 [Change] <Blocks>: Hologram projector now has a new model
v2.2.2 [Change] <Blocks>: It is now possible to go to the previous or next chair by using '[' and ']' keys (previous and next vehicle keys)
v2.2.2 [Change] <Blocks>: It is now possible to set the main chair by looking at it and pressing Q when sitting in it
v2.2.2 [Remove] <Shields>: Removed the shield colour changer. It is now a decoration. Colours can of course still be changed inside the shield projector itself
v2.2.3 [Fix] <Projectiles>: Fixed two long standing bugs in the projectile grid casting. [BUGS-3] [FTD-126] [FTD-84]
v2.2.3 [Fix] <UI>: Fixed some issues with windowed modes and font sizes [BUGS-8] [FTD-26] [FTD-127]

And here is the focus for the month of September 2018
1) Updating missiles in general. Three different gauges, some new mechanics, missile hatches and balancing is all being worked on.
2) Testing and improving the multiplayer aspects of the game
3) Improving wheels for land vehicles
4) Rolling out the new UI style to more parts of the interface

In other news we have added several new staff to the team and created bug and feature request trackers linked in with out development tools. You can find these

We apologise for the long delay between the stable release of 2.1.6 and 2.2.4. That is due to the large scale of work involved in upgrading to PBR shaders, Unity 2017.3, and a huge amount of code refactoring that took place to make FTD easier and faster to work on in the long run.

If you want more detailed information, and want to follow what's going on more closely, check out the forums!
If you want to hang out with the dev team and community, visit the discord -

Report all bugs here please
This is an awesome patch, just so many little thoughtful changes and fixes that together really improve the game. Glad to see it finally reaching stable
Glad to see you guys back with a great update! Cheers!
Will get straight to the point:
 What changes do we need to apply to 2.16 vehicles , for them to correspond to the new patch?
Three different gauges, some new mechanics, missile hatches and balancing is all being worked on.

Isn't that a mod that's out right now?
(2018-08-27, 08:15 PM)Gamer as Wrote: [ -> ]Will get straight to the point:
 What changes do we need to apply to 2.16 vehicles , for them to correspond to the new patch?
None really. APS cooling works a bit different, ACBs now allow for more complicated function, and shield color may also have been affected as the color changer has been removed but I'm not sure
Im glad its here Big Grin may i ask if i can get my levels back however? XD i uhh...didnt know about the cheater bug when i went into devtest.
Im not sure which file im sapposed to give though...
Good to see this reach stable. Awesome work!
As for now, binocular seems broken: cannot zoom at all (other items/abilities seem to work just fine; might be me though).

Otherwise, great job! Water shaders are great, and I'm glad we can assign ACB priorities.
The visuals are a nice improvment but the game is now basically unplayable for me.

As of 2.2.4 i get these odd GPU crashes. This PC is hooked up to my TV so it goes (From the depths) then Blue screen, Then the TV picks up the signal (I know this because it gives the input resolution for a bit). Before i wrote this, it was flickering quickly between the game and my no input screen as i excited the designer. On first start it played fine for about 5 minutes then the issue popped up.
I lose audio and sound as both are from the GPU
My system consists of a Ryzen 5 1600 and GTX 980 with windows 10. I put in 2 hours yesterday without any issues or crashing on 2.16 and is working fine with the game off. 

The game hasn't done this at any point in the past.

Also, The Advanced Cannons dont seem to spawn loaded and the buoyancy seems to have dropped a bit. My ships lost 1m of freeboard.
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