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Full Version: Auto orienting pipes
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So i have just gotten back into from the depths and one the things that frustrated me more than anything else was trying to make a pipe... honestly its just silly, have yet to encounter a single other game that does pipes/tubes in this manner.I know from game Dev experience that implementing same basic checking when you place a pipe that looks to see what adjacent pipes there are and connects them would really not be very hard. Besides If you kept in all the current blocks it would still allow to have adjacent pipes that are not connected. Just having a pipe block that auto orients would be so very nice.

(really not quite sure where this suggestion should go...)
Alongside with thad, you should think about how to make it easily and comfortably controllable, where pipes should connect, and where not, in cramped space surrounded by pipes everywhere.
All i was suggesting, is that having a single pipe object that just autocompletes with any adjacent pipe of the same sort added to the current collection pipes would be nice.
This would not work in any usable way because of piping density.