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Full Version: Indirect Fire Cannon Modules
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Long have we dreamed for mortars soaring up and then down, onto our enemies. Travel time and AI limitations have crushed those dreams so far, but it can be done. I am suggesting new modules for cannons. A guidance system hooked to fins or jets to turn the shell while in flight. A module for APS, a fusebox addition for CRAM, which guides a projectile to a target, and is more effective at lower speeds. Useless for high speed direct fire, perfect for slower, mid to high arcing mortar fire, which would need to be able to change it's movement to intercept its target.

Mortars strike at a traditionally weaker portion of the ship, taking more time and being more prone to intercept all the while. It would be a reasonably easily balanced component, all you really have to change is the relationship between speed and turning ability. It would also give us the ability to build something that many have wanted to build before.

What are your thoughts?
Main limiting factor for indirect fire us shell flight time which is significantly too short for any reasonable min/max ranges. I tested brust fire coastal defence battery (8 guns) and I couldn't get it to fire past 2-2.5km without sacrificing minimal range because shell's despawned mid-flight.
I think until we get shell drag it will be impractical, I managed to trick the AI into doing mortar style firing years ago before joining the dev team and even with the old 200m/s max CC cannons the arc they have to travel puts them almost into orbit unless you axe the speed. You need the drag to put them into a nice mortar/artilery arc.

Fins and guidance would end up being used for direct fire variant as well further negating missiles.

That said I'd like to see mortar style setups being viable at some point
Indeed, mortar/howitzer mechanics would be really cool to have. Either in the form of APS or an optional barrel module for less and less useful CRAM.

I am hosting a tournament where my own ship is shooting 500mm shells at 45 deg. angle at targets 4500m away.
Obviously I am a big fan of this kind of artillery Smile

Optional targeting module could definitely work. This could be achieved with the follwing
- receiver module on the shell (debuff to detectability)
- fin module on the shell (debuff to speed)
- targeting/transmitter module on the gun itself (high cost as balancing factor)

Flight corrections would be greatly smaller in comparison to missile systems and targeting itself not very accurate. Aiming would be achieved with both barrel (relatively small adjustment range) and amount of propellant (bags) used. This would mean that the fire rate (due to less required cooling) would get higher as the target is closer.

The drag is not really a problem here, however it would be still very useful to emulate plunging fire of a standard guns and make long range gunnery more interesting due to air drag considerations impacting the trajectory. 
Shell despawn time is definitely an issue here though and in general could use some buff to help the long range exchanges in general.