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Full Version: Invincible avatar in designer.
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Just a small suggestion that may make a big difference. In designer mode, you will probably die from testing your ships combats and as such you respawn inconveniently. So if you somehow tested far away from your spawn point, you may not know where your ship is.

To make this work, at the vehicle designer options located in the menu, there is an option that reads "Toggle player invincibility". Click the button to enable it and it will turn green. Red will obviously indicate its off. The player cannot die to anything but the suicide pill.

I am aware that this might be suggested before but if it has, i think its an opportune time to bring it up.
Oh please, yes!
I'm in favour of this
Yes please.
And a connected request:
If we set the avatar to be invincible in the designer, please make the oil ed screen on damage disappear.
Then we could do the request above ourselves making a desinger instance fit for our wishes. Wink
Please do this as soon as possible, it shouldn't be a big change but it would be an amazing boost to my experience.