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Full Version: SE BB Velocitas Eradico vs SF12h
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Please vote here (poll above) and comment in the main thread.
★ Voting is active for next 48 hours.
★ Participants will get one point for every % of votes received.

Voting criteria
★ pleasing looks and adherence to the spirit of competition (historical/light fantasy)
★ swimming proudly in the water (vessel's freeboard)
★ avoiding any cheesy behaviour
There is absolutely no question that it's the Velocitas.
SF12 doesn't look bad but it clearly concentrates on performance instead of looks. Velocitas is one of the most interesting looking ships here. Very cool!
You know of what the torpedo-launchers of the Velocitas reminding me of? Cigarettes. And it seems like the short YouTube-links don't work anymore with the video tags. Try the long ones:

Bleh! Loosing turret 2 early on really crippled my dakkaboot, turret 2 was the main AP gun of the ship...
Velocitas, Such a beautiful modern battleship!