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(2014-01-10, 03:25 PM)Quellix Wrote: [ -> ]- Giveaways must be approved my Moderators at all times.

typo: my Moderators> by Moderators
What are Flame Wars?
Welcome to the forums Smile

Flame wars as far as I understand is when after some serious internet battles the two people get flamethrowers and attempt to make a well done steak for some cannibal, out of there opponent.
Correct me if I'm wrong Wink
You are totally wrong Tongue

A Flame Wars, basically, is exactly what Mustachi said, but instead of Flamethrower, it's mean words
Ahhhh okay, Knew something wasn't right Wink
Rules Updated.
Are the rules updated because of me :/
(2014-10-29, 11:41 PM)PhaylogenX Wrote: [ -> ]What are Flame Wars?

Flame war?

it is quite simple really.. here is a start of one:

(2015-01-06, 07:19 AM)Dunkurtin Wrote: [ -> ]you're being a total dick

(2015-01-06, 07:37 AM)Bombzero Wrote: [ -> ] but alright princess
welcome back. linking to that thread, not sure if I should commend you for admitting mistakes or condemn you for bringing it back up Tongue. all depends on motivation, which can be hard to determine in written format. I think I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this one
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