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Full Version: [2.16] Missile problems
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So smart little me decided it would be a great idea to build an airship the size of 5 football fields and make a huge room in it with 88 torpedo launchers. Because why not?

Well, with this, I noticed a few issues with the missiles in this game.
And I've heard you're working on a missile update so might as well include these.

First problem
The lifespan of a missile is wrong. According to the description of the Regulator: "The base survival time [of the missile] is 60 seconds."
But I checked, 4 times. The lifespan of a missile is in fact 46 seconds. I might be a second off in my calculations due to small lag and not having fast enough reflexes to stop the timer. But still, one of those values is wrong.

Second problem
My airship has a nice hatch for the torpedoes, which it opens when enemies are present.
But when there are no enemies and I just want to fire the cannons for no reason, I have a tendency to drop the torpedoes on the closed hatch.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=51164]

Solution? Safety Fuses. Well turns out it's not.
Because apparantely "This will stop the missile exploding on the vehicle it was launched from, under any circumstances" does not include the circumstance of the missile running out of time, and
will instead just blow up the 88 trapped torpedoes inside my own ship. Great.
(I really should make an automatic opening mechanism.)

Maybe just make the missiles disappear if the Safety Fuse is triggered and the missile runs out of time?

Third problem
Did you know that winches do not work if they're fired from a fort?
Instead, the cable just stretches and the enemy barely even notices it.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=51167]

My guess is in the way of how the game calculates winches using the mass of both ends.
But since the fort is a stationary object, things just don't quite work out.

Fourth problem
I'm pretty sure you already know of this, since you're reworking the missiles (I hope), but missiles have a tendency of passing through blocks.
This becomes a problem with at least my satelite that has a 4 block thick heavy armour shield protecting it, aaand the missiles just go through the defences and hit the only weak point of the shield, destroying it instantly. Yay.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=50368]

I'm sure there are more issues than these 4 with the missiles, but these are just some I found. Feel free to add more bugs to the list.
Found a fifth problem.
You can't attach LUA Transceivers or Missile Ejectors to the bottom of a launch pad (or Reversed launch pad).

[Image: attachment.php?aid=51176] [Image: attachment.php?aid=51177]