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Full Version: Darkness in tactical and map modes
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When there is bad in-game weather, the tactial and map modes become very dark. So dark that I can't see anything if there is decent lighting in my room.

Maybe the tactical and map mode should not be affected by weather. I can see some might like the immersion, at least for the tactical mode, but for the map mode I can't see this being an argument.
Thats due to global world instance settings, that said we can probably rig up a nightvision type dealio when the sun goes down or fog rolls in (we also really need better fog, the current stuff just looks terribad).
If we get night vision goggles, could they possibly be IR based? Like, showing ships lit based on their heat sources.
2 barrels of monkey of mine:
-I've customised original Neter without weather and brighter nights
-try to equip your unit with strategic radars

And definitely report if they work or not. Wink