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Full Version: Shell time out control
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I think we need ability to control APS and CRAM shells' max time of flight (self destruct time) because current time in some cases might be to long for rapid fire high velocity spam guns but is significantly to short for long range indirect fire artillery (it is impossible to make such gun reach 5km)
APS have no problems reaching FtD's so called max range (5km) its actualy very easy.
CRAMS can do so aswell, when you have large caliber, but CRAMS don't do that well at long range anyways, because the shells are so slow
(2018-06-21, 11:43 AM)Skyer Wrote: [ -> ]APS have no problems reaching FtD's so called max range (5km) its actualy very easy.
Yes it is easy in case of direct fire, however indirect fire systems capable of reaching 5km require muzzle velocity of roughly 225m/s. When fired at 45 degrees elevation it takes roughly 32s for the round to reach its destination, shell's fired nearly vertically take roughly 45s to do so.
On the other side railgun round traveling at 2km/s becomes irrevelant after 3-4s.
When do you gave railguns used practically at those speeds?
its impractical, a 400m/s ACC shell, is more than good enough for those ranges, if you want to go really hard, you can go full kintetic with 700-900m/s velocity without railgun asist

I never had problems with ACC's not reaching max range,
CRAMS are a whole other issue, as they are just not made for those ranges, due to low rate of fire and low muzzle velocity (they despawn after 30sec I think)