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Full Version: Some suggection for CRAM
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Some suggestion:

Health pellet - Increase CRAM projectile health by 200 per pellet and increase current health cap (3,770?) by 500 per pellet, while reducing speed velocity.

Smoke chamber box - Occupy a a certain percentage of the projectile (like fuse, but based on a slider for smoke duration), release smoke when damaged by any source of damage.

Armoring box - Increase CRAM projectile armor by 1.5 per box while reducing speed velocity.

Gunpowder barrel - Highly explosive, increase velocity & travel distance on the arc that affect overall combat-distance effectiveness.
Cool ideas, though I'm not entirely sure if they fit what CRAMs are meant for. I see a common theme of making CRAMs less vulnerable to LAMS, which probably needs somehow, though I think perhaps a fuse-like interface or just more health-increasing from hardener pellets.

If you want to help make LAMS less effective against your CRAMs, you can use APS smoke shells, or CRAM flash suppression barrels, especially if you have them on all but one or two so those CRAMs are detected and fired on first at further range, drawing down fire, before the rest hit.
I would love to see powder packing to make cram shells faster.

It would also be lovely to have smaller crams have a far higher packing rate.

I hope we could someday see a use for smaller cram guns again.
Also don't forget MIRV - it yould be cute that X meters from target the shell is separating into Z warheads. Tongue
Long have I desired cluster munitions in From the depths Smile
Simple, suicide ejector APS or maybe even some subobject witchery (limited to 30m/s though)