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Full Version: Multiple firing pieces
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So, i have seen a issue that feels like its quite common: have a turret with multiple advance cannons shoot in a staggered fasion instead of a shotgun effect, like it has now! Over the past few days, i have been searching and asking around on this and the steam forums for a true fix to that issue, but all i can find are work arounds with their own issues, and people wanting staggered cannons aswell...

Ill admit, that i been thinking about how this should be implemented in the game... And ill admit its not as easy to fix as it sounds. How should it be handled?...

Alter firing delay to only affect the first shot: this would break tons of old ships
that use it.

Add a staggered fire delay option: this would only work if both guns have plenty of ammo. If one is partly destroyed, or cant get enough ammo, or simply cant aim at the enemy correctly, it once again falls out of sync.

Perhaps a new block that lets advance cannon setups talk with each other, to take turns when firing using a Global RPM slider: this would work in theory, but i have been looking around on this forum for similair ideas of mine (dont wanted to reinvent the wheel) and it seems that adding new blocks is something that is trying to be avoided...


Now then, how can we allow advance cannon setups to talk to each other, so they dont fall out of sync, and that you can use stable RPM calculations instead of having to rely on unstable bullet cooldowns in seconds, but not add any blocks?

Simply allow advance cannon setups to contain multiple firing pieces!

This would leave existing designs alone and functional, and its simple and easy to understand.. And in theory, it wouldt truly make them more overpowered... Three firing pieces would consume their ammo just as fast from the same system as three separate advance cannon setups do combined.

However, this would allow the advance cannon to be aware of all of its barrels... Then the RPM slider that exist now could simply be set to infinite to allow the barrels to fire together.... But setting it would cause the advance cannon system to use the multiple firing pieces in a similair way that it uses multiple barrels on a single firing piece right now!

This would allow them to fire in sync with ease, and even if one is partly destroyed, and ammo isnt as fast, it would still keep them in sync (try to ammo deprive a high fire rate advance cannon, and it slows down... Its multiple barrels wont fire out of sync!)


Now, this all sounds good in my head, but what does everyone else think of it? And ill be honest that i dont know how advance cannons are truly coded and programmed.... This could be as easy to implement as adding a few lines or code, or this might need a complete overhaul... I truly dont know
What about salvo firing.
Can you be more detailed?... What is salvo firing? :o
I meant something more like rolling salvo, this is when guns fire rapidly one after another then there is a break and cycle repeats again.
In other words time between first and last shot of the salvo is significantly shorter than reload time of individual gun.
Thats already possible using the firing delay... I dont quite remember how, but i made a heavy broadsider that could do just that, and stay in sync...

Plus, this is easy to do by setting the RPM fire rate slider higher than the actual fire rate of your cannon. This is proven by creating a multibarrel firing piece, and setting its fire rate too high... It will fire its bullets too fast, and then have to wait while the loaders get ready to load again