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Full Version: 1.563 (both branches) (yes, slopes reduce drag)
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Here's a tip on how to reduce drag. Move camera to front of vehicle.. look right down the vehicle... do you see any blocks that aren't slopes? If so, place a sloped or cornered block somewhere between the camera and the block. It doesn't need to be directly in front of it by any means. Seeing the corner of a normal block poking out behind a "corner block" is fine. If you enabled text based HUD and enable the "drag" text display you'll see the "water" and "air" cross sections. "water" is the cross section that is under water (much more drag associated with this) and "air" is the cross section that contributes to air resistance.

[1.563][Bug fix] Overlap checks for forces fleets and constructable spawns has had some bugs fixed in it

[1.563][Bug fix] Saving of jet control prefs for vehicle is now fixed

[1.563][Bug fix] Issues with accidentally overwriting other blueprints fixed

[1.563][Bug fix] Issue with exposing large enclosed spaces to the outside world causing crashes have been fixed

[1.563][Feature] Slopes and corner blocks reduce drag

[1.563][Bug fix] Costs and weights of inverse corner blocks fixed (was 0.25, should be 0.75)

[1.563][Bug fix] Buoyancy volume of slopes and corners reduced

[1.563][Feature] Text regarding drag cross section added to 'text' HUD
My jet designs are redeemed! Thank you so very much!
Oh yes Merry Christmas Big Grin
So I discovered a bizarre (and kinda game breaking) bug with buoyancy. I think it might be related to the new drag equations. Rather than try to explain it, I'll just upload a video of it. I'll post once it's done.
If you try and explain it now I can perhaps fix it before going to sleep
Well, basically I built a boat hull that's got a slight metal bit in the last version, and it floated fine. This version, I loaded it up and it wouldn't float. No big deal, I enclosed the top and added a few air pumps and now it's literally bouncing up and down on the water infinitely. And not just bobbing, it flies up about 10 meters in the air then sinks down to more than 5 meters below the surface and continues ad nauseum.

The video will be up in about 5 minutes.

Basically you could loop this video for 10 hours and it'd be the same as me recording the game for 10 hours. Even if I use capslock to freeze the ship, as soon as it touches water it goes back to its humping.
*Jumping, you mean Wink
Can you provide blueprint please?
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