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Full Version: Post your Realistic designs.
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I have entered into the real of realistic design. Witness me.

[Image: unknown.png?width=938&height=379]

In other talks post yours.
And before you guys start... Here's the reference!

[Image: unknown.png]
Your build skills never cease to amaze me.
And what is that thing?
It is a lobster nursery.

There should be oars there too, but it was mostly pulled around on that front T piece.
Well... The more you know lmao
This is what happens when you buy your ship online without seeing it first....
I haaaave!
A mildly realistic tenk.

[Image: A0D40A567279EE1B371685591259C359BC40AF31]

[Image: 121A1D7012579877B68F7AFDAB2FF9F22C858CE8]

Based of the WW 2 Panzer 5 Panther Ausf. A.

[Image: Panther_Ausfehrung-A.jpg]

P.s. when I get to my pc I shall post the BP!

Psss. I just got the brainstorm 2am of the century. If I can throw several AI mainframes in the tank, I can hook each one up to do 1 thing for the tank. Like have an actual crew! The diver ai right in the front, the loader AI next to the gunner AI. Where if the gunner AI dies, the loader AI can take over but only have Target Prioratization. Dunno how I can implement a commander AI who receives all detection from the cupola but that's for another time. Eeeeeee!
Good one AdNecrias. +1