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Full Version: Advanced cram (better caliber potency per shell basically)
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This has been suggested Before including by myself though last time i suggested this i wanted something like 8m long cram Shells of Death. while that sounds nice i personally Think a slightly more expensive cram addon to the aps ammo customizer would be interesting.

Think of it like a booster for your regular single fire Shells, you trade in the advantage of spam for Shells with more potent effects.
you basically boost the density of the indivivual HE,EMP, frag and kinetic parts, which does come at the cost of a craming time penalty that can however be adjusted and does not add on to Shell passing time, unless it takes more time for it to cram than to pass the Shell.

this type of cramming has a base speed that is rather slow but can be increased by adding battery Power.

this system would also require additional ammo or some resource in order to produce the shells.

-more potent tank style/low rate of fire shells.
-your favourite caliber gains more options!.

-increased volatility per Shell (this may or may not be a problem depending on aps configuration).
-no rapid spam of Death(for some this is not a disadvantage but rather a welcomming feature).
-would very likely require at least a noticeable amount of battery Power for some shells to cram faster(this however makes redundant doom fortresses harder and more challenging to build).
- cram is not volatile last time i checked but this most certainly is.
- higher ammo cost per shell.
So like a device to slowly make APS warheads more potent? Once just loaded, it'd have standard potency then the device would work to, say, 2x potency? That'd be a good idea, I can imagine it getting some use from me. By which I mean on pretty much every heavy gun I design.