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Full Version: Useful heat from engines
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Well, I was wondering if we could use the heat produced in the fuel engines to heat up the steam boiler and reduce the use of materials to be burned.

So I could have a fuel engine that produces power and instead of just getting rid of the heat it produces, I could pipe it to a boiler and produce steam, which I can then use to get even more power or electricity

This is something use IRL in trans-atlantic passenger cruises, a diesel engine to propell the ship and the electricity from the steam turbines for electricity (and other stuff). A 25.000 passenger cruise (and a 1000 crewmembers) requires as much electricity as a city of 150.000 inhabitants
There wouldn't really be any point in FTD, power is super cheap. The space it would take up would be better used for other things. If fuel economy was actually a concern then this might be relevant.
Fuel economy is a concern in the campaign. But this seems a bit too complex to achieve (code wise).
Probably not that hard to do, but balance-wise this seems a bit off :p
It would make radiators more useful. Have them take heat from cylinders and eventually transfer to a steam pipe traveling above them...(or whatever direction they are facing)...not nearly enough to power the system but its heat to one side of the pipe which is a side where heat wont leave the pipe....

In otherwords its helping to stop heat from escaping from the steam engines and probably making up for a portion of heat loss.