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Full Version: FIRE GUNS (if fire ever does exist)
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basically for the APS you could have the ability to use propane, napalm, thermite, and magnesium shell parts to shoot at stuff

they would need to be large gauge to be used 200mm+ ish

propane wouldn't really do much on it's own but coupled with the others could allow them to spread their "influence" farther but could light oil spills from anything that has moving parts or just fuel storage for a big fiery hollywood style BOOM

napalm is well, napalm otherwise known as flaming sticky ooze could guarantee the ship catches fire and if it is wood, well i hope you have good fire suppression

thermite could couple with napalm to be glued to the hull, do what thermite does best (get REALLY hot) and melt the steel the craft is made of (or at least do warping damage) (since thermite also brings it's own oxygen supply it could burn underwater or while being suppressed for a bit) it would be best used over a large area

magnesium could also be best buddies with flaming death ooze and burn (yes burn) small holes through the ship and slowly migrate downward due to it's ability to burn anywhere and break down molecules into something more useful (pour water on it? water i H2O it breaks it down into H (rocket fuel) and O (oxygen) sand? guess what that has plant matter in it which burns, carbon dioxide CO2 can you see the problem?)

to mitigate the problem of fire being overpowered, shells could explode prematurely, sometimes in your face... and they are completely useless against shields being 100% unable to reach the hull once touched by a shield (you could say the shield makes it go boom) also they have to be fired slowly (they cant move fast or be rapid fired) so as to lower the amount of boom you get from your own guns

and before you ask, yes you can set cone size like frag shells

and of course you can use fire suppression systems
This would be a major change and greatly affect balance, rendering the DWG completely ineffective for the most part. And if you ask about countermeasures, any countermeasures the DWG would have would mitigate it, meaning any other faction counters would completely block it. We don't need even more systems that must be added (fire suppression), and a flamethrower would likely be some sort of separate system, not a cannon add-on.

Also, what about cone angles? That makes almost no sense whatsoever. Do you mean that it wouldn't be a flamethrower, and more of a cannon with burning shells?