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Full Version: [OW Easy] Capitol (Ship) Aesthetic Fixes
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I spawned in the OW Capitol to look at, since I love the design for the sheer posibilty for coating it in even more guns. I quickly noticed that it had an annoying problem, because of the slopes on the outside of the hull, the alloy deck had square bits of differently painted metal near the edges, making it look bad (IMO). I fixed that, as a step toward my own massively buffed version I'm gonna make. Thought I'de post it here in case you guys want it. I only touched the exterior hull. I made no major balance changes, so it is in no combat way improved, only decoration.

Images of before and after my improvements from above.
Checked it, I see that you lowered the slopes by 1m to make the whole deck look seamless, looks good.
Checks out for me aswell.
Ok, glad you like it.