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Full Version: v2.14 Released [all branches]
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As requested, making it just easier to find.
(2018-01-29, 11:24 AM)Gladyon Wrote: [ -> ]The v2.14 includes an update to the explosion algorithm, with more configuration variables and some balancing to reduce the strength of the explosion while having a larger radius (you have to press the 'Home' key and apply the default configuration and then exit and restart FtD in order to activate the updated default configuration).

It would be good to have some information about how you feel about the new radius in terms of potential slowdowns.
The new default range for the explosion is 35m, it may be a bit high, if you find it slows down the game noticeably, please set it to 30m or 25m and restart FtD in order to see the difference.

The v2.14 also has a fix for the new airpump algorithm, the beams now have their buoyancy applied to their center instead of on one side.
There are also a few changes on the CRAM bomb chute. The shells fired using the bomb chute now inherit only of 1/5th of the velocity of the vehicle, the muzzle velocity is set to 40m/s instead of 20m/s, the detection range of the shell has been divided by 10 and there is no muzzle flash when the bomb is launched.

Also, the aerial AI card now has a specific option which allow you to use a mix of the forward velocity of the vehicle and the forward vector of the vehicle instead on only the forward vector in order to compute the angle to which it must turn in order to reach the desired yaw when in combat mode.
That means that a bomber doing a carpet bomb run will now overturn in order to compensate its lateral velocity, so it will be able to go over the target a lot better than before.

And finally, there's also a fix for the universal copy/paste of the blocks data.
That feature is now working fine.