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Full Version: CAS (Canister Artillery System)
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Canister shot has been suggested Before and id like to propose a way it could be implemented as a weapon system of its own.

Canister shot is basically giant shotgun rounds so the weapon system would revolve around cluster munitions.

Think of this as your 12ga(or any other gauge) that can load pretty much anything with Little to no risk of blowing itself up.

their shots will for the most part spread out so the longer the range the less potential damage.

Damage is calculated based on gauge, Shell length, projectile velocity and projectile mass.

recoil increases when you up gauge and Shell length. larger pellets also increase recoil but this is negated as you increase the gauge (not sure if that´s how it works irl but here it does Tongue ).

Projetiles can be made out of different materials with their own properties that alter the speed and mass of each individual projectile.
the shot can also carry stuff like EMP and HE but these attributes heavily impact the desired properties of your shot by either adding too much mass or making the projectile too light.
(they also require more ammo for each piece of shot)

shot pellets can also be made aerodynamic to increase range and accuracy but this requires longer manufacturing times due to added complexity.

The cannon relies on a main hull shot manufacturing system that assembles different types of shot and stores them in a main storage space. your onboard cannons then take these Shells and store them in their own storage to supply its own ammo pool and prepare for firing.
A Shell can contain multiple types of custom shot pellets.
the main storage and on board storage would display a screen showing the different ammo with their own unique ID.

the maximum gauge of a Shell is 2000mm, max length is 10m and max number of projectiles per Shell is 8-50.
a 1000mm Shell that is 1m long would consume 1m^3 of space
whilst a monster 2000mm 10m shell would consume 40m^3.

multiple cannons can share the same storage, be it on board a turret or on the main construct (they have to be on that construct though).

the pellets tend to have very low ap but ap can be increased.
pellets can not have fuses but will detonate or cause kinetic damage upon impact. AoE damage will be reduced with 10 percent for every meter of distance to the target and its radius may never reach the target at all.

lets say my monsterous 40m^3 Shell contained 50 projectiles.
this means each Shell can have at most a volume of 0.8m^3

now that sounds overkill but note that if you pack a Shell like this HE or any costly add on your ammo price will be very high compared to if you where using a smaller gauge, also you risk having a lot of potential damage negated at long range and by Shields.
the recoil would also be immense but there would be recoil absorbers of simillar caliber to aps though they consume on board volume.
Simplified version of this could be an extra option to be added to existing CRAM system.
(2018-01-25, 08:48 PM)harnas1977 Wrote: [ -> ]Simplified version of this could be an extra option to be added to existing CRAM system.

YES! Shotgun CRAM would be amazing! Smile
CRAM cannons could really benefit from a little diversity, so giving them a shotgun-ability, or maybe even the ability for a sort of cluster/bomblet-attack, wherein the huge CRAM-shell would split off into lots of smaller shells doing damage over a bigger area, would be fantastic!

APS on the other hand can do without the shotgun-mode in my opinion, since that system already offers so much variety...
Shotgun CRAMs? Yes please!!!!! Imagine the warp-driven plane that teleports right next to a target, unloads a crapton of cluster bombs and then warps away Big Grin In all honesty, a great idea that would make CRAMs quite interesting (Although I suggest that you lose some of the potential of a single-shell CRAM shot for balance sake (You can only fit a certain amount of circles into a bigger circle and you still lose some volume, right?). Also, the fuses would have to take up more space too. But in all honesty, I am all for this if it gets balanced properly