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Full Version: Railgun dedicated battery and capacitors
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This might have been suggested before but a quick search didnt show anything.

Currently railguns use vehicle battery to determine output and use chargers directly. Problem is that once a railgun is charged and it fires, even a second firing piece on the same turret will get less rail assist as it uses available power to calculate charge.

I suggest we change it so we need less chargers and add a new block for APS rail parts: railgun capacitor. It will work much like currently except it only works for the firing piece it is connected to (can connect same way as chargers currently). They will be charged by railgun chargers connected directly to the capacitors. This will IMHO be a more intuitive way for railguns to work, makes superpowerful railguns much harder to achieve and allows several railguns to fire at the same time without compromising power.

Railgun chargers would take power directly from engines.
Honestly this seems like a good idea, I've never liked the current railgun setup since it's too easy to create a stupidly fast shell, assuming you have the power for it. This would make it more realistic and be a good way of balancing it (and nerfing the god-damned white-flayers a little more)
We had it once it was not good probably because of balance.