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Full Version: [2.03] Custom Jet configuration is probably not as intended
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As of 2.03, Custom Jet Engine intakes and compressors are not worth the space* - the most efficient build is simply to stack combustors; in addition you don't need an intake at all, so you can embed the engine entirely aside from one open block for the exhaust.

Demo below, both engines have a single fuel injector. The top, conventionally built engine generates 7,550 thrust & consumes 193.28 fuel/min. The bottom - entirely combustor - engine generates 21,750 thrust & uses 556.8 fuel/min, so they both have the correct thrust/fuel ratio. The are also both the same size though...

And to show the engines do have the thrust imbalance from the tooltip, the raft rotates around the conventional engine if it's throttled up a bit.

*Edit: "not worth the space" - up to a point. Extremely long engines make better use of compressors & intakes, but it seems you need 48m long to start breaking even ( thanks Herp )**.
**Edit2: From experiment, 41m seems the break-even point.