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Full Version: What has your favourite from the depths version been?
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I think I started playing around 1.6, or what was it when the campaign map got overhauled?

I really enjoyed the 1.76 era for what it was, and 1.86 I recall was very nice too.

Of course, there was a lot rediculousness with double stacked str 10 reflect/disrubt shielding back in the day, as well as quadrillions of engine power to spare.

But it was a nice time to be playing the game.

What epoch of game development did you enjoy the most for what it was worth?

I don't know how to post a poll, otherwise I might have.
I think I would have wanted to play 1.83(?) a bit more. Everything was broken as heck, but with my future self’s building abilities, I might have made something.
I loved the old CCs.
I am kind of nostalgic about the good old days when engine power grew exponentially with number of cylinders Big Grin. I still have a BP of an engine, about 100 blocks long, which literally produced something like 10 billion power...

Those were also the days of supersonic thrustercraft and absurd strength 10 reflect shield stacking, and of orbiting CD players with doom lasers. It's crazy to think we only had custom cannons, which were like CRAMs except spammier and with no EMP or frag, and it still didn't feel too limited.

I love steam engines tho, so I wouldn't want to play some version between the new engines and steam engines since I suck at building carburettor engines.

But the time I miss most was the time when gravrams could be used for propulsion Sad
I loved the days back before the engine and cannon overhaul. The custom cannons were incredibly powerful and so were the engines. I looked at an old laser craft of mine, and I would, even with injector engines, need about 10x the space to power just the lasers, ignoring the 100s of str10 shields.
(2017-11-14, 12:39 PM)Carolus Magnus Wrote: [ -> ]I don't know how to post a poll, otherwise I might have.

Just check the "I want to post a poll" option at the bottom of the new thread. Put the number of options you want, then press post thread, and you will be taken to a page with the poll options to fill in. It cannot be edited after posting and cannot be added as an edit I think.
The current one, as they solved dronecarrier problem, where after out-of-play movement, the spawned in drones lagged behind a lot. Smile
The day when land became a valid playground

But every version Nick pushes out, even though i would like 2.0 more if the most critical change it promised would be there (Shields requiring batteries)
going to have to say i kind of liked the the game around the time of the first alpha masters. the ammount of absurd things that where still possible to make where quite the bunch. i did play around with custom cannons but only for a bit since i joined late 2015
one of the first acc version, roughly after the first balance where rounds under 500mm still were viable
CC couldn't hit a Lamb thing :p I wouldn't mind playing with them again because I didn't get into the game much back then, but they were pretty bad.

I think the version in a couple of versions time will be quite good. 2.0's performance boost was well worth it, it's just a pity half the balancing didn't make it in so we're left with this defence heavy version.
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