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Full Version: Primus Pilus-Class light particle cruiser
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After the retrofit of the Praetor into the Legatus, it was logical to try similar thing with the Centurion light cruiser: so meet the Primus Pilus, the particle variant of my light cruiser:

[Image: C81FAF73D33DC87EDFDBB172C8006656AA104E97]

The design of the ball-turrets is similar to the Legatus, although smaller: they feature only 2x148m loop, for a total damage of 26k explosive per turret every 3 secs, which is about half of Legatus'. The field of fire is same, covering a half-sphere and a few degress down. As they don't feature any heavy armor, they are (a more fragile and (b moving faster, which make this unit quite effective against flyers. Butdon't expect too much against heavies. They feature also their own sensors (radar 90 and camera 90)


The modifications inside are quite limited; the space earned by removing the APS turrets has been used to fit more engine; it site now around 93k, for an average consumption of 180 fuel per sec at combat rate. Some rework on LAMS also, shifted to continuous, with all the "distribution" parts (transceivers and so) hidden in the double bottom or the lower part of the double hull.

[Image: F24205FE52A040917BD19E208F4C70E9D42542C1]

Combat-wise: not bad, less effective than the Centurion against heavily armored, lightly shielded units, better when facing heavy shields or LAMS. It can sink quite easily all of the Onyx watch units (yup, includind the Bulwark), and almost any Expert-ranked units otherwise (but expect it to struggle against godlies from SS, GT, SD...). Due to the over-consumption, I raised the fuel amount from 200k to 300k, counting for most of the price increase (from 211k to 224k); still, it remains totally fit for campaign as it can be build quite early.

[Image: 443F63F651BDD096D2E5395D432CE57F9BCA5B45]

So, figures:
-length: 122m
-blocks: 11285
-displacement: 8755
-speed: ~25m/s
-cost: 224k
-armor side hulls: 2m metal / 3m gap / 2m metal
-armor center hulls: 2m metal / 1m gap / 2m metal
-shields: 2-layer, 4.5-strength
-LAMS: continuous

-2 particle turrets, ball-mouted, 1000m practical range
-40x6m radar guided missiles, APN guidance, 1000m range
-2 4x117mm AA turrets, 900rpm, sabot shells with 778m/s initial speed
-16 LUA-guided 8m long ASROCS
-8 radar decoys, 8 IR decoys, 4 sonar decoys

-U/J: fwrd/aft
-H/K: steer Port/Stbd
-I/O: switch shields on/off
-T/G: shift shields to laser absorb / reflect

[Image: EE6BFC5372F7662D23727AF5E334B9703AEABDB7]

VoilĂ  :3