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Full Version: [SD][Heavy Onslaught] Dire Harvest (Godly{40FP})
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Heavy Onslaught craft created during SD.
Created by Majyst and Implemented in v1.969.

A Heavily armored defensive orbiting craft wielding mainly fixed energy weaponry, a laser turret, and missiles.

LoreSadMajyst write some stuff! owo)

Blocks: 12683
Volume: 29363.98

Bulky and Armored
Fairly Redundant, not reliant on single areas
Powerful Lift
Orbiting/Laser/PAC combo is great at dealing with large APS Crafts
Good LAMs

AI is weak to being sniped from higher altitudes (it sits on top of the craft)
TeleFrag Missiles from a swarm cuts its movement easily
Single Layered shield, weak to Diruptors
Using ERA (no repair on AI crafts)
Bulk of the damage comes from Laser, can be mitigated easily.

2xEMP/2xPierce/3xImpact PAC broadside turrets
32X 5 block Frag/EMP missiles
Fixed laser weaponry covering all 4 cardinal directions
1x Dual Laser Turret

Heavily Armored all around
HA Compartments
Lots of empty space + ERA in tighter areas
A lot of lift from CJE Thrust
Reflect Shielding

Armor scheme:
Mainly Metal + HA everywhere.
Reaches Metal + Ha + Ha near the center.
ERA reinforced around the Engines
Lots of Empty Spaces under the turret.

Quad CJE thrusters for forward movement.
9x CJE for Lift, at 103m Altitude

86400 Engine Power
1.6m Energy stored
830k Fuel
774K RTG production

[Image: 2017-11-12_12_13_32.jpg]
[Image: 2017-11-12_12_13_25.jpg]
[Image: 2017-11-12_12_13_40.jpg]
[Image: 2017-11-12_12_13_32.jpg]