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Full Version: Iron Curtain Project Announcement
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So I've decided to start some sort of Cold War project backed by the CCF. It's called Iron Curtain, and will feature any ships or craft in service from 1950 to 1990 (this includes planned but not built ships).

We already have a ton of stuff done in the few weeks that this project has been in progress. I'd say more, but I think the pictures show more than I could ever say.

Soviet Union:

[Image: YPZpQXq.png]

[Image: V0xDWPw.png]

(Smallest to largest) Tarantul class, Poti class, Krivak class, Udaloy II class.

All by me, Tourist.


[Image: 80CSCzv.png]

[Image: u45zxbK.png]

(Smallest to largest) USS Pegasus foilcraft and USS Knox.

Both by Rainbowlicious


[Image: QJBfNJb.png]

[Image: RdHDEwJ.png]

(Smallest to largest) FN-P400 Class, FN La Combattante, FR Elan, FN Destienne-Dorves, FN, Chamois, and FN Bougainville.

All by Underen (a.k.a Undertracks)

Other vehicles:


[Image: RFfXtsu.png]

[Image: q9L9XCm.png]

(Left to right) TOS-1 Buratino (Soviet), MBT-70 (German), ZSU-23-4 Shilka (Soviet)

TOS-1 Buratino and MBT-70 by me, ZSU-23-4 by Chroma Aperion Rey. We're also working on vanillizing some other tanks by Chroma.


[Image: DA914ka.png]

(Left to right) F4 Phantom (United States Navy), F4 Phantom (United States Air Force), and F/A-18.

All built by me.

So, I hope you like what you see and I hope you're inspired to join the CCF and help me out with this project.
If that's what you wish to do, join the CCF discord with the link below and either message or ping me. I'm Tourist on Discord, just as with here.
Glad to see this publically announced, Will be contributing Australia to it like i do to everything.
Yup, good to be here. Will be contributing Canada, and probably Britain.
French dude doing bad french things badly ;P
Are there any build rules?
I want to try building some tanks or ships, you know, the more experimental stuff
2:1 for Tanks, Ships are 1:1, as are planes. No shield components or anything silly, just keep realistic.
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