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Centralised Communities Front

[Image: unknown.png]
Self Determination, Unity, Effort

Greetings, Friends! I am proud to announce the CCF Publically, The CCF is FtDs largest current clan, with a membership count of 100 members. The CCF organizes events within and outside of FtD, and is lead by a council of 4 leaders, the Directorate. The clan operates with a heavy focus on self-determination and community engagement. Everyone is free to join, and our policy is to forget a user's past in favor of their future.

Dead_Space_2: Manages the Discord.
ComradeGreen: Leads FtD
Tourist: Leads Iron Curtain
DooM Marine: Resident Developer

The Clan Ranks:
Non Member: Limited Posting Privileges
Member: Full Posting Privileges
Participatory: Has contributed significantly, generally considered veterans.
Organiser: Organises events
Moderator: Proxy Directorate
Directorate: Ogliarchs who lead the clan, Directorate status is given to Organisers who work sufficiently well on major projects.

These ranks allow incredible vertical movement within the ranks of the clan and means that anyone with an idea can establish it within the clan and be given the powers to undertake the idea.

Knee: Anime Night
Higamer: Game Night
Lemming: Tournaments
Coneezan Emperor: Stellaris

Current CCF Projects
1900 Naval Review
Stellaris Saturdays
Hawaiian Expeditionary Force
Lemming's Tournament (Very WIP)
Iron Curtain (Cold War)

The clan operates from a discord, which requires an application to gain posting. There are no strings attached to membership, and you are free to do almost anything you want (within our Code of Conduct)
Discord Server
I am actually a Lemming, get rekt, and I will be doing tournament hosting for this clan
Yes he is me, probably
Yes I am you no doubt about it.
This is a very confusing conversation!

Lemming x RushB

lets get it started in here

Also question,
if you duck yourself, is it gay, or incest?
New Project announced by Tourist!
A currently unnamed Cold War Replica campaign!
Communism works if you do!
Also, the Cold War campaign sounds interesting, but there wasn't no combat in the Cold War, so I assume it would be a non-nuclear physical, not cold, war, with naval, aerial, and land fights. However, with FtD's current lack of advanced AI, a Cold War campiagn, which in realitity involved lots of diplomacy, might prove tough. Good luck to Tourist though.
Yeah, I'd say that Advanced Strategic AI for Campaign is the biggest problem with Custom Campaign Development.
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