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Full Version: Refinery noodlings ( or: can you fit one in a cube, and how to abuse flare stacks )
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Messing around with refineries, I found the flare stacks had some interesting ways of connecting, so I ended up with a ( almost ) cube refinery; unfortunately I can't seem to find the combo to fit the last three flare stacks into the rest of the bounding box, maybe someone else can ( if you drop a little efficiency of course you can ).

More interesting is pipelines with flare stacks, so you can group bits of refinery in different places.

Could you move the 3 flare stacks to where the fuel boxes are? It looks like there would be room if you removed the fuel. this is just going off the picture and I have no experience with refineries.
No, the boxes are just because there's nothing else to fit there. Refinery parts are either 3x3x3 or 1x1x8, not the easiest things to fit together like that.

Using stacks as pipelines should make fitting one in a ship a bit more interesting though.
Flare stacks are the new six-way connector.