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Full Version: I need some advice with post 2.0 laser build
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I'm trying to build a fast and cheap ship (under 100k), what can kill a Bullwark with a laser by itself.

The base of the ship is mostly done and quite fast (70+ m/s), but it's not simple to design the laser system, because of the recent armor and other changes with 2.0, and there are almost no relevant, updated tutorials on the net.


For now, i have 32.2k engine power, and a bunch of batterys with an electric motor.
With 202k laser storage and 134 3m laser pumps, i have 10.1k pulsed dmg at the first shot (4Q system), with 34AP. During sustained fire, the dps goes down to about 5.7 .. 5.4k per shot.

That dps are not totaly bad, but the Bullwark's AI's are under the water line behind many layers of metal and heavy armor.
In current FTD, we can't have any affect on our ship's targeting system, so it will constantly aim the lasers to the directions of the AI's, while dealing absolutly no damange to the Bullwark's numerous weapons or sensors on the deck...

So what shoud i try to improve my laser system? I think more power will be needed first. And maybe converting some pumps to storage cavyties.
Is 34AP enough?
If I am correct and I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong. A 3 layer of 4m metal beams has about 42.75 effective layer of armor class as its first layer with health of 36855 to the 3rd layer. I doubt you should think in terms of 1 shotting as you would need to sustain this damage pershot.

I have at times set a fire rate on the turret block to allow the laser to fully charge between shots to use its max damage (I dont know if that is efficient tho) with a singe Q switch.

Sorry I couldnt really answer your question and just gave you the little I know/do with laser, as I usually have mixed weapon systems not solely a single type.
So 34AP seems not enough. Right?
I may add other weapons later like missile / torpedo turret(s) but i like to finish the laser first.

Btw. limiting fire rate on the turret block are an awsome idea! Thanx!
Lasers ignore structural AC stacking. 34 AP is plenty for metal - but I would target 80 AP because AP is easy to get and there's lots of heavy armor around the Bulwark's aimpoint targets.
Setting a fire rate on the turret leads to fewer numbers of deeper holes. It's more efficient if and only if those holes are deep enough to hit something important - in terms of damage dealt, it is equally efficient, as long as the laser is still charging continuously - same power in means same power out. If the laser ever stops charging for any reason then it lowers the DPS, whether this is to inadequate storage or excessive fire rate.
Didnt know lasers ignore AC stacking. I only mentioned the fire rate, just in case Kepsz is unable to get a full charge on the laser before it shoots and ends up with 2ap and a few hundred damage :/
I will caveat this post with the following: I have no active laser ships in my fleet. However, this is mostly because of the disappointing state of laser counters, namely that 1 laser shield (and certainly 2 layers) provide a near perfect defense even with wave-front.

However, in the campaign this generally isn't an issue. There are a few guidelines I follow:

-always have 81 AP, as someone else has mentioned this gets you full damage against any armor, even HA.
-use the 3m laser pumps. It used to be that lasers suffered from volume inefficiency because of the "+" shaped cavity lines. However, 3m laser pumps have changed this, allowing you to have essentially 8 pumps on a single cavity (double the 4 you could have before) and in a neat 3x3 package that packs very well.
-size the laser off the engine. The cost of running your laser weapon will be far more important than the purchase price unless you are designing a tournament ship. Therefore, I would advise deciding how much you want to spend per second/minute/hour firing this weapon, buy an engine that can provide that power + power to run the ship, and then build a laser that eats that much power at max load.
-Build a sniper ship/or a speedster. Regardless of what you do, laser ships are expensive to build and expensive to operate. They are even more expensive to run and operate if you're paying money for heavy defenses. Therefore, i'd advise passive defenses like speed and range. If you're going too fast for most missiles, and a fighting too far away for most cannons then you don't have to pay for thick armor and power-hungry LAMs/Shield arrays. Lasers excel at range, and at attacking fast things/being fired by fast things so you should play to those strengths.
-Finally, decide what kind of attack you want your laser craft to focus on. If you're trying to imitate a PAC, IE deep-penetration alpha strikes that cripple and kill then you want a 'laser shotgun' that empties all it's power with each burst. If you want a more 'brawler' style laser craft than continuous DPS is more important than first-shot damage.
I did some upgrade and now my laser are much better. Thanx for the advices!

Now with 81.8AP and 12440 base dmg, i set the LWC's fire rate to 2.01.
With this limit, the continous fireing dmg are 8600..8800. And the result can be seen in these pictures:

[attachment=47744] [attachment=47745]
It's melting the Bullwark's belly.

Further tuning in pumps and storage cavitys may needed. Any advice? What continous dmg shoud i target?
This ship still costs only 66k, so keep that in mind.
For any weapon that I make, my own personal taste, I cannot stand anything slower than 1 second fire rate. Unless its them silly crams that fling minibuses across a few 100m Tongue
Latest attack laser I've made has 30000-ish damage in every 10 seconds, single input cavities and 3m pumps fitted into nice 4*T shapes and around 50-60-ish AP.
Wavefront adjuster gives it 20% damage punchthrough.
(2017-10-17, 08:44 AM)Normal69 Wrote: [ -> ]Latest attack laser I've made has 30000-ish damage in every 10 seconds, single input cavities and 3m pumps fitted into nice 4*T shapes and around 50-60-ish AP.
Wavefront adjuster gives it 20% damage punchthrough.

Energy requirement? Ship size? Kíváncsi vagyok rá. Smile
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