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Full Version: ProtecTech mods features (image heavy)
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I have realized that it's hard to track all the features of the ProtecTech mods.
In fact, even me I don't really know all the features they contain...
So, here is a complete (I hope...) list of the features of the ProtecTech Industries's plugins tools mod and the ProtecTech Industries mod.
Note that I will not speak about the modders-only features of ProtecTechTools, and I will not separate the features of these mods (ProtecTechTools have nearly none anyway).

So here is the list of the topics:
- Shield
- Ammo controller
- Repairs customizer
- Aimpoint card

Post 2:
- Helium pump
- Lights
- Lever
- LCD screen
- Sign post
- Poster holder
- Misc

Post 3:
- ToolBox

- can be colorized without adding a color changer
- its GUI displays a preview of its color
- can be 'forced' (either type or strength). A forced value cannot be modified by an ACB, but an ACB can still turn the shield on and off
[Image: o9rcDZB.jpg]

[Image: uQ2alUB.jpg]

- the tooltip now displays the number of gauge coolers, railgun chargers, magnets and autoloaders (with 0 clips, 1 clip, 2 clips, 3 clips)
- clear clips button
- access intake button (will open the first ammo intake GUI, closing it will come back to hte APS firing piece GUI)
- minimum barrel length (under that length of barrel, the gun will not fire)
- railgun auto-configuration
--> allows to set either the required velocity or the required accuracy, along with the desired time charge. It will then automatically configure the railgun options to meet the desired values
--> will automatically recalculate when the quantity of battery is modified
--> copy/paste
[Image: IhpF0sj.jpg]

[Image: vyF3bDA.jpg]

[Image: JZxPVTO.jpg]

Ammo controller:
- it is possible to go the ammo controller GUI from the ammo intake GUI
- it is possible to set a name for each ammo controller, this name will be displayed in the ammo intake GUI
- each ammo controller remember its last diameter configuration (which is also displayed in the ammo intake GUI)
[Image: mgOQQYT.jpg]

Repairs customizer:
- can configure the priority order for the repairs
- 3 levels of priority
- distance check (if the range set to 'No limit' and the RepairsCustomomizer block is on the MainConstruct then it's for all the ship, if it is on a SubConstruct then it will affect only the SubConstruct)
- global settings (default priority if no block corresponding to any speficied priority is found)
- several blocks categories:
--> Any block
--> Structural
--> Underwater structural
--> AI
--> Engine
--> Weapon
--> Propulsion
--> Ammo
--> Shield
--> LAMS
[Image: LJAEZkA.jpg]

- possibility to prioritize missiles or shells
- additional restrictions configuration:
--> incoming angle
--> shell gauge
--> shell velocity
--> above/under water (if the LAMS node is above water, it will not engage underwater targets, and if it is underwater it will not engage above water targets)
[Image: kIxquxN.jpg]

Aimpoint card:
- the time to targeted block change is configurable
- it is possible to configure the targetable blocks:
--> underwater
--> abovewater
--> weapon
--> detection
--> engine
--> propulsion
--> LAMS
--> CoM
- note that the underwater/abovewater are an additional layer to the types of blocks (if you set weapon, propulsion and underwater, then the priority will be for any weapon or propulstion block underwater)
- the possibility to set if above/under water is more important than the type of block (if no block matching the given priority, it will then take a random under/above water block if it is more important. If not, then it will use a matching block that isn't matching the above/under water restriction)
[Image: u1cT3U6.jpg]
More features (limited to 10 images per post...):

Helium pump:
- the volume above water provides an up-force of 1
- the volume underwater provides an up-force of 4 (the air-pump provides an up-force of 3)
- the helium leaks 10 times slower for the volume above water (the leaking rate is unchanged for the underwater volume)
[Image: jXHTNWL.jpg]

- the GUI now displays the selected color of the light (as for the shields)

- it is possible to change the order of the execution of the LWCs (useful when there's one LWC for a turret and one LWC per firing piece on the turret, if the turret one is the first, then the firing pieces can elevate separately)
[Image: HJDDvQp.jpg]

- it is possible to change the order of the execution of the ACBs
- it is possible to use adjacent ACBs as if they were connected with and 'AND' logic gate. Any ACB with an input but affecting nothing will be part of that 'AND' logic gate

- a lever block can be placed between 2 ACBs, it will activate the ACB it is pointing to when activated (exactly as if the player pressed the 'Test' button of the ACB)
[Image: IFH5Mt4.jpg]

LCD screen:
- it can display an image, and some text over it
- it can display in-game variables in real time (altitude, number of enemies, speed, course, etc.). There are 120 in-game variables, please check the 'BuildIV_INIT()' function in the 'InternalVariables.cs' file in the source code of the ProtecTechTools mod to have the exaustive list with descriptions
- it can be controlled via Lua (to change the image or the text)
[Image: ofB18Pf.jpg]

Sign post:
- it can display in-game variables in real time (altitude, number of enemies, speed, course, etc.). There are 120 in-game variables, please check the 'BuildIV_INIT()' function in the 'InternalVariables.cs' file in the source code of the ProtecTechTools mod to have the exaustive list with descriptions
- its content can be set via Lua
- it will remember its content when placed as a prefab

Poster holder:
- its url can be set via Lua
- it will remember its url when placed as a prefab

- it is now possible to hide the 'build checklist' using the main configuration menu
- it is possible to remove the seagulls
- it is possible to replace some or all seagulls by sharks
- it is possible to fire on sharks and seagulls and actually kill them (they will resurrect shortly after to provide more targets)
- it is possible to set a ratio of quantity of fuel in the newly placed fuel storage blocks (the price will be modified accordingly)
- it is possible to stop damaged missiles from being fired
- it is possible to have an infinity of spawned blueprints lives
- it is possible to configure the condition of death of a vehicle (% of health above and underwater)
- it is possible to configure the maximum volume for campaign battles
- it is possible to save several custom fleet colors
- it is now possible to select which chair is the 'main chair'
- various small optimizations:
--> ammo intakes
--> local resources
--> fuel engines

- debug capabilities:
--> repairs: dislays the blocks repaired, with a color code to indicate the block priority (from the RepairsCustomizers)
--> targeting: displays the vehicle or block currently targeted by each mainframe
--> LAMS: indicates various information to help to understand why LAMS nodes are engaging or not targets
[Image: YImk5WQ.jpg]

[Image: or4tHbv.jpg]

[Image: SVpef2j.jpg]
Still more features...

ALB (Automated Logic block):
- it is a system allowing to create very advanced logic using logic blocks. The blocks are:
--> gates: AND, OR and XOR blocks
--> action block, configurable exactly as the ToolBox (see below)
--> condition block, fully configurable using in-games variables and memory blocks
--> memory blocks (EPROM and RAM)
--> boolean command block, coming with a set of levers and buttons blocks
--> multiple-values command block, coming with a set of levers and throttles blocks
--> Localizer block (used to provide ACB-like-with-distance blocks selection of the blocks to control)
- with it, it is theoretically possible to do about anything automatically, but it can take a lot of blocks... It has been used to create a fully working bottom avoidance for a submarine
For the ALB, sorry, no images, the art part for this feature has been done by me, and trust me it's ugly as hell Wink

- it is not a block, it is a GUI that can be accessed from anywhere within the game, on any vehicle fortress or vehicle (even the enemy ones, so you can change their shield configuration, their AI, PIDs, ACBs, etc.)
- it provides direct access, information, and control over all the components of the vehicle
- the blocks of the selected type are displayed as a list, displaying their most important information
- the list of blocks can be configured, depending on the block type. For example you can display only the LAMS over water, or only the shields in reflect and laser mode
- the listed blocks are visible in a dotted design in order to be able to know where they are in the vehicle
- it is possible to control all the listed blocks (without exiting the ToolBox)
- it is possible to select a block and to control only this one (without exiting the ToolBox)
- it is possible to go directly to the GUI of the selected block
- it also provides building helps:
--> when the building cursor is on a multi-block block (an APS cooling gauge for example), then all the blocks connected to the same multi-block system will be outlined in green (in the given example, it will allow the player to see what are the blocks connected to the same APS firing piece)
--> when a multi-block block is disconnected, it is outlined in red
--> when a block has a problem (shield projecting through another one, overheating engine, APS firing piece with one of its ammo intake not connected to an ammo controller, etc.), then it is outlined in orange
--> when a block has a problem it is put in a special list named 'Problems', which contains different types of blocks along with a comprehensive description of the problem
--> when one or several ACBs are selected, it is possible to outline in yellow all the blocks they control (they are also displayed in the dotted design)
[Image: 28IREJt.jpg]
All the blocks of the same firing piece, easier to know which block is attached to which firing piece in a 4 guns turret.

[Image: 0kTyPZb.jpg]
Disconnected blocks, note that the outlining also work out of the building mode.

[Image: GVwZeWw.jpg]
The LWC has a problem (orange), and in red you have disconnected blocks. Note that the outlined blocks are always displayed, even in 'important blocks only' and if they aren't important.

[Image: PXXDpKj.jpg]
That fortress needs some care, see all the orange dots? Each one indicate a problem, and you have the list of these blocks on the left, explaining in red what the problem is.
Nice to fix blueprints easily.

[Image: pL4MY3u.jpg]
On the ship you can see a lot of yellow dots, these are the boilers controlled by the ACBs listed on the left.
Note that only the ACBs controlling boilers and whose name contain the text 'Power' are selected.
In this vehicle there are ACBs controlling boilers with the name 'Electric', they control another set of boilers and are placed on the bottom of the ship, I would have had some difficulties to know which ACBs control which boiler without that feature.

[Image: 7y7BSx6.jpg]
Here you can see the 60 shields of the external layer of protection of my Topaz battleship.
There are a total of 306 shields, on 3 layers, with additional specific shields to protect the ammo, mainframes, detection mast, lower detection equipment, and main turrets.
All these shields have a name according to their use, here you see the 'External' shields only.
When I want to change one layer to laser absorb, I can use the ToolBox controls (to the right of the screen).
It's easier and faster than having to change manually 60 shields out of 306... or having to place 306 ACBs to control all these shields automatically...

- list of the components managed by the ToolBox:
--> WarpDrive
--> Propulsion
--> Rudder
--> BalloonDeployer
--> Pump
--> Hydrofoil
--> SignPost
--> PosterHolder
--> LcdScreen
--> Light
--> Shield
--> LAMS
--> RepairCustomizer
--> HeatDecoy
--> SpinBlock
--> Lever
--> ALB
--> ACB
--> ManualACB
--> GeneralPurposePID
--> HeartStone
--> Mainframe
--> AimPointCard
--> NavalCard
--> AerialCard
--> LandCard
--> FortressCard
--> Detector
--> WirelessCamera
--> MunitionWarner
--> LaserWarner
--> RepairBot
--> EnemySimulator
--> BlueprintSpawner
--> SteamValve
--> Boiler
--> ElectricEngine
--> FuelEngine
--> Refinery
--> TractorBeam
--> SubVehicleSpawner
--> MissileLaserDesignator
--> Missile
--> AmmoController
--> AmmoProcessor
--> LWC
--> Weapon
--> APSCannon
--> CRAMCannon
--> MissileController
--> ParticleCannon
--> LaserCombiner
--> LaserMultiPurpose
Is there a plan for integrating some/all of the features into the game(if so, which ones are likely)?
(2017-10-11, 12:43 PM)draba Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a plan for integrating some/all of the features into the game(if so, which ones are likely)?

One reason I created this thread is that most people do not have an idea of all that mod can do.
The other reason is to let Nick can have an idea of the features of my mods so he can decide.
We'll see what he says.

But if only one could make it I'd choose to create a timer after which the targeted block changes, and to give the possibility to change that timer in the Aimpoint card, along with a On/Off button to the 'aiming at ammo and mainframe'.
In short, a simplified version of my Enhanced Aimpoint Card with the bare minimum to avoid the fact that a battle outcome can be decided right at the start, because one vehicle made the mistake of selecting bad block for its main batteries...

It's not my favorite feature (well, it's still one my 3 favorites) but I think it's the one the most needed in FtD, it could remove a large part of luck in battles.
Yep, aimpoint would be my first pick too(before LAMS and repair).
Aimpoint not changing and offensive laser/LAMS shooting underwater are really, really annoying.

The highlighted errors were also a godsend while they worked.
(2017-10-11, 01:31 PM)draba Wrote: [ -> ]The highlighted errors were also a godsend while they worked.
They still work.
I've fixed the outlining problem a while ago.
In fact, now that it's a custom outlining, it has a better look (in my opinion at least...).

That's my favorite feature, from far.
In fact, I cannot build without it.
It's like trying to write code without the ability to move the cursor from one line to another (before, long ago, we couldn't, you had to write "edit 30" to edit a line, and then validate it and go on).
I couldn't do that anymore...
(2017-10-11, 01:49 PM)Gladyon Wrote: [ -> ]They still work.
I've fixed the outlining problem a while ago.
In fact, now that it's a custom outlining, it has a better look (in my opinion at least...).

Missed that one, great!
Will check it out.
I honestly hope a lot of these make it into the game. (Repairs customiser is pretty favourite.)
Optimisations, aimpoint, execution order, Lasers/LAMS, the APS features, shield colours built in ( the customiser is a wasted block & I don't notice many people using it ), repairs customiser - in that order I think. The toolbox should go somewhere too, it's just an addition rather than a change for the better of an existing feature. I must admit I haven't tried most of the extra things like the ALBs, because I tend to try and build stuff I can give to other people at the moment. My only issue with the ALBs would be the sheer space everything takes up - they'd be great for tanks, but it's hard work fitting enough ACBs for tank steer & keeping them safe, let alone a logic centre.
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