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Full Version: Make LUA consume power/electricity
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The small lua block should have a slider, as how much energy it consumes per code command.
The code is slower at low power consumption, preventing lag, and quick with ineffective power consumption at the high ranges.
You could also include a 3*3*3 big lua computer, which has mid-level code execution quickness, with fixed reasonable power consumption.
Computers do need power.

Maybe detection system boosters could be made alongside the same principles, in effect making bigger ships more accurate vs beind slow and worse at maneuvering than a little one.
Actually this is an interesting idea. But wouldnt it be more logic if it used generel processing power?
You would have to add generel processing cards. It could even go so far that more cards are necessary the longer the script is ^^
Looking at it from the end requirements, which is better, the plus blocks needed to be placed as general processing cards, or power generation blocks?
Which could weaken the system better, shooting off general processing cards, or a vehicle using up fuel, and have not enough energy?

(btw thanks for considering both of my ideas interesting)
This is a pretty good idea, making LUA microfighters less OP, and all LUA script actually having a downside, this might actually make it allowed in some tournaments.
Eh... while I appreciate the general idea, you need to look at why we use lua in the first place - mostly it's because the built-in systems are inadequate and I don't feel there should be a penalty for wanting an AI which doesn't run into cliffs all the time, or a gun which can hit targets which don't fly in a straight line. Things like LUA torps for which there isn't a counter should really have a counter added ( as simple as passive sonar detecting torp props in that case ) - and you're probably still never going to have lua in tournaments unless it's about writing lua, because there's no level playing field when it comes to coding skill.

AI mainframes need cards to be useful - they're already computers, they have no power draw. It makes no sense to have a lua block be different to a mainframe ( in fact the lua block should really be a mainframe card ).
Nerfing lua is only a viability if the stock AI gets a major upgrade.

If microfighters are so OP, stop using other people's code.
Good pros and cons were mentioned, thanks! Any more thoughts?
Just remembered "lua makes lag" or something like that, and the solution came up.
(2017-09-19, 04:20 AM)SynthTwo Wrote: [ -> ]If microfighters are so OP, stop using other people's code.

Agreed i actualy hate using other peoples things, so if i would ever use a lua code then it would be mine
(2017-09-19, 07:49 AM)Normal69 Wrote: [ -> ]Good pros and cons were mentioned, thanks! Any more thoughts?
Just remembered "lua makes lag" or something like that, and the solution came up.

Better multithreading should deal with that when the game has settled into U5 a bit better. The "lag" - actually not as unreasonable a term in this case, usually it's used these days to describe anything except actual lag - is because the main execution loop is waiting for a lua engine loop to complete, some clever threading could reduce that. You have to be careful not to let threads get out of sync with the rest of the game but honestly we could reduce lua updates to 5hz instead of 40hz & it'd still be good enough for practically everything we do with it.
I agree with the goal but what is the "code command"?

So, afaik, you can only know how many times does FTD function called i.e. I:RequestThrustControl or something. Even if u simulated trajectry in very high resolution, code command is zero.
Number of code line is nonsense too. replace('\n', ' ')
Introduce assembly-liked language. It's best idea i know, though i don't want to write it. Nick would not want to write interpreter too.

This is very difficult issue.
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