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Full Version: Tournament of WAAGH!
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As I saw, everybody makes totally balanced and restricted, fair tournaments.
I am curious - as always - would you like to see something completely different?

Battle of the WAAGH!

[Image: keep-calm-and-waaagh-4.png]

A continous battle waged on various parts of the Neter map.
You can tell the preferred way of starting your unit, but have to deal with the terrain which happens to be in your way.
There will be more than two sides, and opponents, and you won't know what will be attacking you.
It isn't about winning a combat, it's about testing your units performance against various opponents, and seeing the results on youtube.
More successful units will get more rounds, and if this event gets going, later you may specify one enemy unit which must be in battle.

-mainly fleet colours (except if you find repainting sooo boring, then I will scrabble it pink Big Grin )
-signs inside the cockpit with your nick, date of creation, preferred rough spawning place (not exact, just over a mountain or underwater) and any more messages you would like
-flag holder somewhere
-put the unit on resource group one
-I prefer to have an intra-vehicle communicator (still you can choose to be greedy)
-if you can manually control the unit, that's a plus
-absolutely no blueprint file editing outside the game
-subjectively it must be an enjoyable enemy to fight against (still can be an insanely hard one)
-the combat will take place in the resource limited designer, with all of it's bonuses and hindrances
-no LUA, please (we test the game mechanics too)
-units will return for more battles
-winners of a combat will return in the next battle
-I will accept retrofitted units (if you find you can improve performance)
-I advise you to include a targeting AI card with all of it's quirks (best if you set target player vehicle to max)
-terror factor is a bonus (look up Durr-O-Dum pistols from Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy)
-infinitely fleeing units will be branded as cowards (that's no fun)
-if it spawns in other units, please zip them into a folder, and check the references in blueprint spawners
-no spawn-sticks

-a series of youtube videos
-fame and glory
-testing your units against unforeseeable circumstances
-the most enjoyable/fun/hardy/imaginative units will be included in a campaign as Chosen enemies
-losing against worthy opponents

-I will learn from your secrets
-the Chosen may receive a showcase-video (after talking it over with you)

If you find it interesting, please include a description, screenshot and blueprint here!
Story is a plus.

May the WAAAGH! be with you. Wink
Please do not argue about the rules here. Wink
Great idea, any limits or requirements on size/ cost, or is it just semi-controlled chaos? I'm definitely interested, though I will have to modify my current designs or make new ones for this.
Also, will it be multiplayer, or will you spawn them in a bit more like a tournament style and then the participants and others can watch the videos later?
Sounds like lots of fun Big Grin. But unless you have a mighty computer there'd probably have to be a low materials limit (depending on how many vehicles are in play at one time of course). I've also been waiting to throw my FBTs into some tournament, but FBTs tend to get banned and when they don't they'll just get kited by some cancerous orbiter Sad.

But you have to be careful about leaving things unrestricted since someone could make a superfast jittery PACsub and ruin everyone's fun.

Also, what have the Conservatives got to do with WAAGH!? (other than their approach to Brexit Tongue)
AMD X4 86k Quad processor, 16gb memory, Nvidia GTX750, game video settings low, and pray to Loki. Big Grin
Also I can double video speed easily.

Semi-controlled chaos in an unfair tournament style.
The most limiting rule is the unit must be fun to fight - if we have to chase it around the map, or when I spawn it in it eclipses planet Neter, that's a hard NO. Tongue

I advised to use a targeting card because that helps small units to gang up on bigger ones.
Also because "be first place at tournament" isn't the real goal, we can be subjective.
For example viewer awards. Or viewer voted bans.

If a jittery pac-sub is encountered, we will accept it's jitteriness, maybe it will have a place in the campaign later (if it won't smash itself on the nearest mountain or sea-reef), but it will be placed away from the waaaargh. Big Grin
If a Orbiter of Cheese annoying enough to appear continually in the series, someone will make a unit to harpoon it back from space.
I think it will be balanced a bit by winners appearing the next video, so they can be prepared against.

Even graviton rams are enabled, of course they shouldn't sling the enemy off the planet because that is not fun.

Most of my units cannot get into tournaments, as they bring into battle more materials than they are costing (because of local resources).

As my subroutine of remembering the future simulates, there will be deaths by mountains, power shortages as steam engines empty material, beached ships, or big units being burrowed by replicating parasites - but no 80% and sinking or on enemy territory and damaged.
Not to mention other possibilities which I won't spoil and leave for your imagination. Wink

For multiplayer, there is the possibility open for owners of distinguished units explaining their beauties in stream - and much later nice but somehow flawed units fixed by others. But "that is another story, and will be told later".

The main content will be continous glorious destruction, which is in essence WAAAGH!. Wink
And in the spirit of it, I will handle those problems as they arise.

(also I wonder how a unit would look like with a name of Spirit of Brexit?)

((the most brave will send old units first to die proudly))
Thanks for reminding me to put inter-vehicle transmitters on my units, it's always something I forget (since I tend to test them in 1v1s).

(2017-09-06, 09:28 PM)Normal69 Wrote: [ -> ]snip

So will it be in the Pro-Pain style? Players submit new designs continuously during the tournament, with the possibility of trying to counter a previous design, instead of everyone submitting one vehicle before the tournament starts?

(2017-09-06, 09:28 PM)Normal69 Wrote: [ -> ](also I wonder how a unit would look like with a name of Spirit of Brexit?)

That would be too edgy, even for me Tongue. Also, it wouldn't be in good taste for me as a salty Remainer to build it, so maybe you could as an unbiased 3rd party...
Kaonicping: Yes, your view of my idea is as clear as virgin blood and innocent souls. Smile
Need to make something completely different (beside #1 The Larch), there are a lot of fair, and controlled tournaments here.
I have a design, a mid-cost heavily armored thrustercraft I would like to submit. I'll make a few changes to make it 2.0 ready and post it tonight. I may also submit some of my retrofitted DWG ships too, they might work fairly well as easyish starting vehicles.
(2017-09-07, 01:46 PM)MizarLuke Wrote: [ -> ]I have a design, a mid-cost heavily armored thrustercraft I would like to submit. I'll make a few changes to make it 2.0 ready and post it tonight. I may also submit some of my retrofitted DWG ships too, they might work fairly well as easyish starting vehicles.

deja vu... Big Grin (What's 'mid-cost' btw? Maybe we can do a 1v1)
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