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Full Version: V2.02 [Dev Test] CONTENT Update
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V2.02 is a content update, I am not sure if it carriers over any work from Khaz or Nick.
I asked Nick to make a content update since I had amassed a large amount, so here it is.

Atmospheric Changes:
The new Atmo settings are done and if there are no problems will be final (for a while).
This includes the new Exponential Drag setting.

In Effect, as you go over 275 Altitude it will become exponentially more difficult to fly higher up to a point of about 800.
These are the exact setting for Air drag and Gravity.
[Image: e5cb167df0.png]

Onyx Watch
There has been a new HQ made for the OW (and RZ). This HQ is the "Black Powder Antiques" HQ Which Produces the Sail ships.

So now, This HQ will produce 60FP Sailship fleets at a 0.8 rate at all times of the game and the Onyx Throne will produce all the Castle ships and Hybrids at a 1.0 rate for 60 FPs.

Garrison Fleets, I think will produce a Mixed fleet, but Sailships have a lower spawn rate. I hope this works out.

Twin Guard
Twin guard have had their FPs re-valued per a new system we are putting in. All ships will Range in FPs from 1 to 50 instead of the old 1-80.

Now there should be more units per fleet.

All Factions will be done like this.

White Flayers
Half of WFs Torpedoes have had their depth limited so they cant hit Submarines.
Subs are meant to be a weakness for WF, but we have gotten carried away with the Torps in the past.

Lightning Hoods

They have had a major sensor upgrade and now their lasers should be much more accurate.

ALL Factions
All Designs have been updated to use Larger Turret bases.
Also, most Frag cones for APS and Missiles have been changed to a larger cone.
Designs broken from wing buff are now fixed. (Except SD velocity)
Plus, Usual Design updates and fixes.

Tile Garrisons
Many Tiles have been increased from the default 100 Max FPs. The closer to a HQ the tile is the more it can hold. Some SD Tiles can have 300 FP garrison tiles for example.

Replacements, New, Rebuilt (Gutted), and Deleted Designs From memory, so this may include stuff that was in 2.01.

New DWG Tortuga
New DWG Crossbones

Rebuilt OW Bulwark

Rebuilt WF Martyr
Replaced WF Harrasser
Rebuilt Desecrator

Replaced TG Wasp Nest (Now in the drone category)
Deleted TG Hornets Nest
NEW TG Omen (Godly)
NEW TG Harbinger (Godly)

Deleted LH Surge
Replaced LH Firefly
Replaced LH Hydrovolt
NEW LH Terrawatt
NEW LH Orbit
NEW LH Chrysoprase

NEW SS Banshee
NEW SS Guernsey
NEW SS Defiance
NEW SS Chrysaetos
Deleted SS Arachnid
Deleted SS SMS Otter
Deleted SS Apache
Replaced SS Cinder
Replaced SS Forward Operating Base

NEW SD Laniakea
-Nick Fixed tanks having strange ground collision issues with blocks near the wheels.
what is the space restart and the kicked back height?
(2017-08-22, 01:48 PM)LoSboccacc Wrote: [ -> ]what is the space restart and the kicked back height?

This is to make sure that any Atmospheric craft that accidentally flies into space wont keep drifting off forever due to not having Ion thrust.

At 1800 things should start experiencing gravity again and slightly get pushed back down.
Kickback at 2500 is a rubber wall you bounce off of. If you spawn inside of it you get thrown out.
ummmm I wanted to check how difficult to fly over 900.0 and made a sailplane with small engine.
However it climbed up over 2000.
Something is wrong and I know what is wrong, but unfortunately it's outside majyst's jurisdiction.
Not sure if this patch or previous 2.01 but vertical launch missiles using active radar and one turn just going straight in to the water. ok with IR head and one turn.
Tested on targets at various ranges but after launch it just goes off at 30-45deg and syas using one turn to find target.
IR says same but is heading in the direction aimed at.
Thanks so much for the update and patch notes.
(2017-08-22, 01:42 PM)majyst Wrote: [ -> ]-Nick Fixed tanks having strange ground collision issues with blocks near the wheels.

Is this colliding with blocks which have been knocked off, or blocks still attached to the tank colliding with ground? doesn't seem any change in the designer after a brief test, but not really sure what I'm looking at. I am being amused by my tanks doing drifting doughnuts though Smile they are still taking a little while to get moving from stationary at first load ( just sitting there spinning wheels ), but after that they seem to be able to stop & start.

RE: radar guided missiles and one-turn - you don't need one-turn on radar guided missiles, I'm not sure it'll even do anything. VLS radar homers going in funny directions ( with a guidance module, I presume? ) is not 2.0 specific.
A little bit sad to see the "SMS Otter" after nearly three years of service gone.
(2017-08-23, 01:16 AM)SunBurst Wrote: [ -> ]A little bit sad to see the "SMS Otter" after nearly three years of service gone.

the Otter taught me about hiding turrets under the deck

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