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Full Version: Eagle Industries Barn Sale: Mining Rig
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It's time for another Barn Sale, this time with a far more completed object: A mining rig which I don't really want to work on anymore, but with a bit of love should be a great asset in the game.

She's big, 48m in length, 65 in width and 49 m tall. She's equipped with four Oil refineries, and by itself she should be sufficient to provide fuel for a large portion of your fleet.

This does come at a bit of a price; she currently costs 153k.

She's fitted with four AA guns and a missile launcher firing laser beam riding missiles (the installation hasn't been tested). She still needs some finishing up, notably the turrethousing, but also in some other areas. She also lacks paint.

I hope that some of you guys will put her to good use. She could also be perfectly used in a CC or in the SS campaign.

As usual for my builds, this rig is fully walkable.
Also, as she is not yet completed she doesn't have any signs in place so don't come complaining to me that you've gotten lost and wandered around for hours to find your way out.

Important: Her operating altitude is 9 m

Picture time:

[Image: UfwFoEr.jpg]
I may modify it and use it in my own custom faction. Would you allow that? I will obviously give credit.
Yeah of course, do as you please!