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Full Version: Roadmap & Features
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Hello! I'm making this thread so you can see what are we doing, and what is going to be in the next release!

Here are the main feature for the 1.551 :

- Multiplayer Optimization (projectile rework)
- Fleet formations (yeay!)
- Pathfinding for fleets (navigate around island (yeay┬▓!))
- Steam overlay for the workshop
- Versioning and retrofitting of vehicle.
- Out of play repairs
- Display fleet and force list sorted in order of distance from camera
- Change GUI slightly for fleets and forces so the warp to force button is more easily accessible
- Maintain selection from M,N,E GUIs

And... lots of bug fixing.
Your a dev now?!?!?!
Did I miss something?
(2014-11-13, 12:13 AM)The Mustachi Master Wrote: [ -> ]Your a dev now?!?!?!
Did I miss something?

He's the new Community Liaison Officer. As I understand it, the position is not quite a full developer, but more an interface between us and the real developers--prioritizing bugs we report for the devs, guiding the progression of the game according to player suggestions and requests, and in general making sure Nick and friends look even more awesomer by being in touch with the community.
Well, Kharel said everything
Ahhhhh, Did not understand what that was asking, Otherwise I would have offered as I'm on ALOT.
Ahh well ty for clearing that up. Smile
Beaten at talking to the community by the community!
(2014-11-13, 12:22 AM)samlow Wrote: [ -> ]Beaten at talking to the community by the community!
Haha, indeed
That's all great news! I'm waiting especially for fleet formations.
"Versioning of vehicles". Can you explain that?
Here is a post that explain Versioning in details :
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