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Full Version: Roadmap & Features
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Wonderful, looking forward especially to formations Smile
Yeah just imgaine the possibilities with formations in the Budkai tournaments. Smile
Are the multiplayer optimisations specifically around the projectiles syncing, or would it also help with the desync when loading vehicles and falling through them etc? Referring to the behaviour described in this post ( ) which I seem to experience as well.
that specific item on the to do list is regarding the synchronization of projectiles over the network which is far "heavier" than it needs to be (only needing to be syncronised on richochet, but being synced 20 times a second)

That'll free up a lot of bandwidth and stop other problems elsewhere.

If loading vehicles across network is clogging the network then I'll just slow down the transfer rate
Cool, thanks for clarifying. I was wondering the other day whether you were actually syncing the positions of the projectiles, or just the change in vectors... Also, are the waves synced as well, or just the positions of the ships on top of them? I would imagine that the buoyancy physics for all entities are per client, and I was trying to work out if there had to be some sort compromise if they were to work properly with the block syncing and collision detection.

This is of course all idle speculation, from someone who spends too much time developing services in python and playing this game to actually try and make his own Tongue Perhaps I should speculate less and code more.
The time is synced which in turn syncs the waves.

Server calcs the buoyancy of everything to stop the client hacking the game and returning buoyancy values of 1 million and launching into space on spawn, for example.
Immediate goals for the next release:

Display fleet and force list sorted in order of distance from camera
Change GUI slightly for fleets and forces so the warp to force button is more easily accessible
Maintain selection from M,N,E GUIs
Out of play repairing of fleets (personally I'm really looking forward to that as I'm using a fighter squadron of 12 jets and each one sustains a bit of damage in a fight so repairing after the fight is a bit fiddly)

After that I'm going to make the universal GUI

then onwards to the custom ammunition for cannons
Nice work guys! Also, grats Tchou Smile

Looking forward to the updates as they trickle in!
With the expected cannon overhaul, should we expect to have to redesign a majority of turrets as far as space is concerned? I read at least one thread where I believe you said the overhaul would involve moving a few cannon pieces below deck, and hopefully reduce the size of turrets outside. My main concerns are whether the average total volume for a standard custom cannon will increase by a lot, or if the volume is just being moved around. I know it's an alpha, but I'm hesitant to build any large projects without knowing how to plan for turret bases, so if you're willing to offer some insight into your plans it would be extremely helpful. It would allow me to work on some of my ideas without worrying about if I'll have to scrap it with the new changes.
With any major changes you an expect to go back through old builds and find wonky-ness, thats a given :-D

and it takes like 5 minutes to build a complex cannon, don't worry about it man.
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