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Full Version: Hello crappy forum server my old friend
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I've come to swear at youuuuu again

Because I've got stuff to write

And Mechanics to complaaaaain about

Because a suggestion vison softly creeping

Left its seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision of a text wall

Still remains

Within the sound, of me strangling the server hosteeeeeeer.....

That was an attempt of me trying to explain my very big distress with the (lately) quite bad server performance taking me up to a minute to even load a page and another minute to write a post, and I know it's not only me.

Can something be done about that? I mean I can live with it but I'd like to not write threads in word and then copypaste them in the forum when it eventually works again. It's a hassle and I'm very prone to procastination Tongue

P.S: I mean no ill will to the actual server hoster. T'was a joke.
It was more or less dead for me.
It seems to come and go. Some times I'm able to load a page instantly, others it take like 5+ minutes.
Same. Works like lightning right now, but other times it'll just sit there and stare at me, while taunting with the loading symbol.
Please...someone make it stop...

I was in the middle of writing about my Dakkapreciation for Lemming and it just took a minute to post a reply to a thread.

it's killing me ç_ç
It evilz.
I agree with the Eldrazi pussy
Well wtf was that 2 day long blackout
i know
Forum functions again now? I missed 2 days of LPW..
But so did everyone else, so, really no loss.
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