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Full Version: The OWC and aesthetics - feedback requested.
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It's come to my attention that the designs in use by the Old World Coalition are by and large either incredibly plain and featureless or just simply aesthetically underwhelming. Hence, I'm looking to overhaul the faction as a whole (again). I'm going to try out applying a combination of the sleek design philosophy I was going with, blade motifs and more visible air filters and such.

Ideally I'd like for people to look through the designs in use by the OWC and give some feedback on which would be OK with some slight modification, which are fine as is, which just need to be rebuilt from scratch, that sort of thing.
Skitterbug: Incredibly plain and just awkward looking. Figures, that's pretty much the first design I made for OWC.
Switchblade: Savable, probably quite easily. Odd, expected that one to be one of the weaker ones aesthetically.
Scalpel: Easy enough to save.

Shortsword: Savable but that weird hourglass shape should go.
Silverstreak: Just looks like a wedge??? Dunno what to say. Yeah, that one was adapted from a rejected detection drone. Safe to say it'll be replaced.

Silver: I kinda like it. Needs more shape though.
Trident: Just needs a facelift.
Scimitar: Good except for that giant box underslung on it. This one's due an overhaul anyway, to convert it from LUA control to something less lag-inducing. I'll switch the massive box of missiles for multiple missile turrets.

Antibiotic: Good.
Decontaminant: Good.
Hovermine: Good.
Antibody: Very good.
nanovirus: Very good.
Okay, opinions on 'em as follows.
Skitterbug - Feels rather bland and hydrofoils appear a bit slap-dashed on. Would recommend a rework of the foils to something more like the Scalpel as well as altering the setup of the "superstructure" to make it look less awkward.
Switchblade - Very boxy, not quite a fan of the look. Might do well with a more rounded look (though that might end up with it looking quite phallic). Has the same hydrofoil issue as the Skitterbug.
Scalpel - This one looks rather nice, though the rough front area I'm not so hot on. Would recommend trying the hydrofoil layout on the other two designs though.

Shortsword - Appearance is pretty debatable. Could probably be shortened up and bulked up in the mid-area. Canards might need some improving/removing.
Silverstreak - Probably needs little winglets to break up the wedge look.

Silver - Not bad as-is. Wings could be brought in a little and bulked out some.
Trident - Also not bad. Would recommend closing up the central dediblade or making the openings on the top and bottom, since the corner openings look rather strange.
Scimitar - Would recommend integrating the box launcher more into the look of the hull. The corner rotors could probably do with some integration as well, and might want to take a look at the issue with the batteries showing through in back. Other than that, quite nice looking.

Antibiotic - Don't think this one needs changes.
Decontaminant - Might need a little rework of the foils and some more blue paint, but otherwise good.
Agar - This one's pretty weird. While the hybrid is interesting, neither seems integrated the best. Might want to give this one a heavier rebuild to compact and bulk it up a little so it doesn't look so spindly and awkward.
Hovermine and Hovermine Supplier - Don't think these need changes.
Antibody - Looks quite good aside from possibly bringing the wings closer to the hull and bulking them out - they feel like they clash a bit.
Nanovirus - This one's not bad at all. Don't think it needs changes.
Alright, based on what feedback I've gotten thus far:

Skitterbug - Needs replacement.
Switchblade - Might want some overhauling, but it's going to remain a "museum piece" for the OWC unless replaced.
Scalpel - Minor tweaking needed.

Shortsword - Needs replacement.
Silverstreak - Also could do with replacement.

Sliver - Some degree of tweaking needed.
Trident - Again, some degree of tweaking needed.
Scimitar - Will be addressed when I get around to de-LUA-ing it.

Drones in general - Very little tweaking needed, save for the Agar, which is defunct due to not functioning as intended and doesn't spawn in campaign anyway.
I tried making a new Skitterbug and here´s the result:

-2 Hydrofoil "wings"
- it glides above the water
-3 x 3 FREMP missiles (~25° on FRAG)
-1 x 3 EMP missile (2 warheads)
-1 x 3 FRAG missile (2 warheads; 25°)
-22m/s top speed
-runs on RTGs

--> Lightly armed Scout-Drone
(2017-01-14, 12:28 PM)Meth3ik0n Wrote: [ -> ]I tried making a new Skitterbug and here´s the result:

-2 Hydrofoil "wings"
- it glides above the water
-3 x 3 FREMP missiles (~25° on FRAG)
-1 x 3 EMP missile (2 warheads)
-1 x 3 FRAG missile (2 warheads; 25°)
-22m/s top speed
-runs on RTGs

--> Lightly armed Scout-Drone

Thanks, I'll have a look at this when I've got the opportunity (Read as: Once January exams are over, most likely)
Alright, so I've finally got around to doing some more stuff with the OWC.

This is a prototype of sorts for the new style for the OWC - any feedback you can give would be much appreciated, and give me a better idea of the direction to take from here.