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Full Version: [TG] Melee mech
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-currently WIP
-2800 Volume, should not change by much anymore until its finished
-Has repair bots because it is a one part mech (no melee possible with two part mechs, see my HQ submission for pictures of trying that), but currently only on the outside and easily removable.
-is not fully shielded and not really colored atm. Will change that over the next few days
-Uses a spin block with rams on it for melee, that part is also wip (deals a lot of damage, but is very vulnerable, even with heavy armor, and ugly right now)
-Is meant to be a knight with shield and mace, so it probably belongs to thanatos. I will do an eros version once this is finished
-other armaments: 1 small cram cannon (730 mm) with some emp, some he and a lot of AP, 5 6-block swarm missiles with frag and emp warheads.
-has detection systems, but not good enough ones atm, and smoke against lasers.
-will get str 5 shields, and str 7 above vulnerable parts and engines.
-heart stone and manual controls exist already.
-almost nothing except for the ramming ai is tweaked yet.

Or in short: basic things are finished, but still needs flares, shields, paint and decorative ribbing and melee improvements. And approval of some heavy armor and being unable to turn the upper body, that is why I am submitting it already.

Not really combat worthy in this version, only submitted for approval or disapproval, and of course improvement suggestions.
I love the idea of this thing but it's ugly as sin and doesn't match the TG aesthetic whatsoever.
(2016-12-08, 04:54 AM)Sable Phoenix Wrote: [ -> ]I love the idea of this thing but it's ugly as sin and doesn't match the TG aesthetic whatsoever.

I know,as I said, it is not finished. Especially the exterior. I only submitted it to ask about repair bots, the heavy armor weapon and it being one part and fixed. All aesthetic problems can be fixed, but if those other things are not allowed, I wont be able to build it (melee on turrets is somewhat weak and very ugly, docked vehicles cant use rams or drills at all)
I have started reworking it. Currently I have this.
WIP, therefore no blueprint.
The mech is basically finished (except for its looks (simply horrendous), shields and some minor improvements to everything else). It has a lot of thrusters, which looks a little stupid when turning, but I am not sure how I could do anything about that, as it has to be able to turn quickly. Its melee attacks work now, which I like a lot, and even now with the still missing shields it works pretty well against all 2000 volume enemies (everything with inertial fuses or frag shells destroys the melee weapon sometimes though). It sadly has to be relatively large (currently at almost 3500 volume) because it would fly into the air when using its melee weapon against enemies very often, and because smaller size would mean smaller melee weapons, and that would look very ridiculous (even now it does, a little.)

The biggest problem with it is currently that sometimes the melee weapon starts throwing the mech and the enemy away from each other and on their backs when hitting (not really very often thanks to its size and weight, happened three times in 25 tests), and that melee weapons cant hit docked vehicles (which is why tg two-part enemies won a lot of the time).
Also, sometimes only slightly uneven ground makes it drive on only one side of its wheels, but it does not tip over or anything like that, so that is not really a big problem.

Any suggestions are always welcome.
It has shields now, and the right arm looks a little better. It is ready for combat testing by now I think, as some extra ribbing and painting probably would not make any difference in its performance. It has no repair bots. Now at 3500 volume, so about as large as the gladiator/phalanx

Edit: I updated the blueprint a little, I forgot to set some firing angle constraints and the lwc for the shoulder missiles.

Edit 2: added more shields, some ribbing, and repositioned some jet engines. looks almost acceptable now, but still not good.
I did some combat testing against SE, OW, TG, WF and some of my own vehicles (two enemies together vs the mech because of its volume). Works well against most of them, even without the melee (although I am not really happy with the APS ammo, and some WF did destroy it with their melee attacks).
-increased its speed a little, and tried to increase its traction (seems to have worked, but then I might only have been lucky with that) to make the ramming work better.
-Improved the center of mass, so it always lands on its wheels after flying into the air during melee attacks.
-Improved its looks (acceptable now, but I will still have to improve some things). Is at a little over 3500 Volume now.
It does tend to hit itself and the enemy with its CRAM when at close range. I could change that by adding a minimum range to engage, but I like it as it is.

It is definitely ready for combat testing now, even though I have updated the blueprint attached to this about 15 times already by now to add small changes to looks or weapon firing constraints found in combat testing Big Grin

Edit: added a picture of what happens to the mech when the cram cannon shoots at close range about 50 times. The melee weapon gets destroyed after about 10 shots every time, but I am not sure if that is because of the cram cannon or because it destroys itself.
(2016-12-08, 04:54 AM)Sable Phoenix Wrote: [ -> ]I love the idea of this thing but it's ugly as sin and doesn't match the TG aesthetic whatsoever.

Does it look better now?