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Full Version: [TG] HQ mech without a name
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Oh well, seems like the guidelines for the HQ mech got updated, sorry for building yet another generic one Sad

Now I'll have to figure out how to make a melee mech. Yay! Expect to see me again in a few years when I have built it.

Edit1: spin blocks with rams on the lower part work pretty well, but they are not especially beautiful. I will have to try something else.

Edit2: drills are not very effective. Spin blocks on the upper part with rams are not a good idea, I think you can guess why (looks very stupid, very vulnerable, does glitch around in the lower part sometimes). I dont really know what else to do. Suggestions are welcome. I might figure something out myself, but that is not very likely Sad

Edit3: tested rams on sword arm spin blocks (set to move up and down if enemies are in range. Would work great against other cqc mechs (tested them against each other) and most mechs in general, but not against ground level vehicles (does work, but looks a little strange). Please add more beautiful melee weapons for mechs Big Grin

Or at least the ability to place spin blocks on spin blocks (if I cant do that, I have to build the melee weapon arm on the side of the robot, but i cant put the weapon in front of it, which means it can only hit enemies next to where it is aiming)

Edit 4: tried a front mounted drill, neither effective nor especially beautiful. flails seem to work pretty well damage wise, but they do not look good either Sad
I will have to continue working on that.

Edit 5: I have decided on a small melee mech with circle-shaped base and a sword (made with drills) in version 1 and a flail (with spin blocks) in version 2. I do not think melee mechs will be strong enough without heavy armor though. Will upload as soon as working like i want them to

Edit 6: The drill sword will never work the way I intended it to as long as the drill only does damage from its tip on, so I'll have to rebuild it.
Attached: DWG House vs Drill mech. DWG house wins. IN both configurations. Sadly, using drills on docked vehicles seems to be impossible Sad

Edit 7: I have decided on a one part mech with the upper body being fixed to the lower. It works. I only need to get the turning speed higher. Looking stupid atm, so no pictures yet

Edit 8: I have a working but very unfinished melee mech with a mace now. I think I will add a shield ( , not the energy thing in the game) to it, and put a cannon or two in that. Maybe even a nuclear missile launcher on its back. If anyone who can decide about this reads this: Can I add some repair bots to it? and how many? It is a single vehicle mech after all, meaning it can't heal itself with repair tentacles. Also, can it have 3000 volume? I think the only two part TG mechs that are below 2k volume together are the mare and the centaur.
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