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Full Version: Modern Prop Drives
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While modern cruise liners built these days use electrical motor-generators to power their props my time on submarines, as I recall, the main/only prop was driven by the main turbine directly through a gear box/shaft. I checked if we could utilize a gearbox at the end of a turbine but that did not work. I would be interested if you are exploring that concept in your development? Absolutely love this game and believe that it could be easily used as a concept tool in secondary schools for physic/science classes. Have you tried targeting sales into that direction?

Great Job
Oh man, there are quite a lot of people here who would really like to have such intricately modelled systems, including me, but the game is trending towards the masses, and the masses are not really concerned with engineering issues, they just want to faceroll keyboards and have fun without investing too much thought.

Sure, I'd like to fully decide if I want to do a diesel-electric setup, CODLAG, CODOG, and all the fancy derivates, iterations and permutations, but that would force the engineering related uninitiated to learn technical stuff, highly specific and most wouldn't play the game if they need to go to engineering school first.

But you made a REALLY interesting point in using the word 'educational'.

Nick himself is an engineer, that's why the game already has lotsa awesome functions and systems.
But too many people started crying when things get too technical, so some things got reduced, it even got to a point, were all different resources we once had were reduced to only one, 'material'.
Because people were incapable of just dumping stuff one doesn't need and the excuse of balancing has been fiddled in as well.
For me, it felt like reducing the plethera of building blocks of the universe to just protons. Boringly sad.

Not sure, it might exceed the scope of what you wanted to achieve, but if we want more complexity in this game, we really need to make it very clear to Nick, that this game needs to go the engineering way, and not the way of the masses.
The masses have enough games, don't let them spoil this awesome masterpiece of art and thought.

I'm in! Big Grin
And then adding new types of props to the end of the gearing and drive shaft system... like a ducted propeller like this:

[Image: OdeNZTq.png]
(2016-11-25, 07:26 PM)Ramble6 Wrote: [ -> ]And then adding new types of props to the end of the gearing and drive shaft system... like a ducted propeller like this:

[Image: OdeNZTq.png]
Cool, Ramble6, I made one like that for my different classes of submarines. SWEET.
And hOyer, I really understand what you're saying about complicating your game. Your team is doing great work. Thanks all.
edit: I will post something calmer about this somewhere else later

Necro, both of you Diomedez and Breakthrough

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