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Full Version: [SE] Elite tank "Annihilator" (currently no good name)
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I took a look at the land campaign, saw that the steel empire already had multiple elite tanks... aaand decided to build another one anyway, because I just love the Steel Empire design style.
It looks almost like the relentless though, so I am not sure if it is something you would want in the land campaign (I built it from scratch, but I made a turret set up the same way and decided for the tracks to be higher than the main body because I played too many Warhammer 40K games to build anything in a different way from that).

As far as I know, it fulfills all the requirements, but it is not painted completely yet. If it gets accepted, I will finish the paint and change anything I have to, if not, I will make it seaworthy and use it in the water campaign against the DWG Smile
Somehow, i posted a picture, not the blueprint. sorry Big Grin
I forgot how to post multiple pictures, so I have to make replies Sad
sorry for that.
[New version]
I overlooked that repair bots were banned and the configuration of two of the shields, so I removed the bots and reconfigured the shields. There should be no repair bots on it now. It still has 8 compact repair tentacles, but I think they are allowed in this case.

And I remembered how to have multiple attachments Smile
Wew, i like that.
Really well put together.
Looks nice

But... i dont think repair tentacles should be present at all on such SE vehicles, TG can use it in considerable amount, but i dont feel this would be really pleasant to fight against if it repairs 8 HE beams per second to surrounding comrades
Wow man this is so well shaped! I'm truly impressed Big Grin

Good luck, me hopes it gets into the game Big Grin
It's essentially a near complete copy of the Relentless for a slot that is full and doesn't need a replacement.
(2016-11-27, 12:13 PM)Lemokaani Wrote: [ -> ]It's essentially a near complete copy of the Relentless for a slot that is full and doesn't need a replacement.

You are probably right. I did not try to copy the relentless though, I built that thing completely by myself a month after defeating the relentless once during the campaign (thats why mine has the sampe weapons setup). I did look at all the other SS vehicles while building it though. Apart from the turret, I added that last, and it really does look almost like that of the relentless Sad

Anyway, I know it probably wont be accepted, but I still wanted to submit it.