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Full Version: [LH] graviton railgunner
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Weaponry : graviton railgun, laser
Defence : LMD, low powered shields, warp drive

This is not strong, but funny vehicle. Yeah, really a vehicle, yet be able to hover on the sea. I temporary name this "blackhole", but I feel it's a bit strange for graviton ram attacker. Any better name would be appreciated.

The graviton ram is explained as "created by LH for WF", but I've never seen both of them use it. That's because I made this, though possibly just I don't know what vehicle have it.

Basically this vehicle stick to the ground, but I'll change this to hovercraft if LH must always fly.
Sometimes this vehicle gets collision damage when warps into the mountain. I put many wheels and rubbers under the body as much as volume count allows, but it still caught some damage. I hope rubber slope will fix it.

[Image: Om23blIl.jpg]
[Image: vIjlW6Ql.jpg]
[Image: 88dhceRl.jpg]
Well, this is suitably wild at least, didn't expect a laser-armed F1 to show up. While the concept is interesting it has some flaws however:

-It's not a proper hovercraft, which is something the whole faction should use
-If it weren't for the submission's name I wouldn't know what the railgun was there for, as it never fired
-The turret doesn't have a 360 traverse, yet the design likes running away so it can't fire on the enemies half of the time. This also was probably the main reason for the railgun's lack of performance
-Slow. LH is supposed to be a very fast faction, yet this would be one of the slowest designs in-game

If you can fix the aforementioned issues I'll give it another look, as the design certainly has potential.
Thank you for checking. Fixed problems.
Still not very fast, but faster than the Wisp and the Xolotl.

I checked the new version with a land marauder and a bison, and well fought against them, though they were too heavy to overthrow by graviton ram.

I found another problem, the railgun sometimes shoots itself.
I extended the barrel and reduced the probability to it happens, but it's not perfect especially when barrel got damaged. Fortunately, graviton ram cause only little damage and wouldn't make a heavy issue.