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Full Version: Küst. MPL C/36 (Coastal artillery structure)
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That name lol

The Küsten-Marinepivotlafette C/36 (literally translated to: Coastal navy-pivot-gun carriage C/36) is a lightly armored, but effective coastal artillery gun.

[Image: HiXLsxu.jpg]

With its 15 cm SK C/28 (15 cm quick loading gun) it quickly fires fast HE shells that easily reach 5 kilometers.
The reload is set to 8 rpm, as its real counterpart could reach this firerate.

This structure really is a glass-cannon as a shot in the back of the turret is very likely to hit an ammunition box.

As usual, the whole thing is scaled to 2:1, so it's 298 mm cannon proves to be quite dangerous to ships. At first, I tried a solid shell, but it overpenetrated so often that I switched to HE.

Gameplaywise, this gun could be used to slow down the player, as multiple of these emplacements should whittle down a ship quite fast.

I noticed the lack of defensive gun emplacements, so here is the first of I-dont-know-how-many.

EDIT: This gun is getting reworked, the caliber is to large and lowering it looks stupid

EDIT 2: Dropped this thing now, as coastal artillery doesn't seem to be needed. Feel free to use it.