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Full Version: Extending barrels
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*increases range (per total barrel segments)
*lower profile (somewhat lower profile while not extended and probably a non moving hitbox)
*can fire whilst not extended (can be set to fire without requiring the barrel to fold out)

*Slight accuracy loss compared to normal barrel of same total length (slightly bumpier barrel causing interference)
*removes some of the elevation and azimuth from motor and elevation barrels (assumed mechanical barrel complexity causing a slight hinderance).
*requires more cool down components or some kind of barrel-mounted cooling unit (because of overall thinner barrel segments)
*decreased muzzle velocity compared to normal barrel of same total length (same as accuracy but to a milder extent though it would still do the job quite well)
*will refrain from extending if there are main structure blocks blocking it (would negate some broken builds but could probably confuse the failsafe so perhaps not).

Some of the cons are mainly to add an incentive to not rely too heavily on extendable barrels as they can be clunky and impractical in certain cases.
which cannons? both?

increases range
lower profile
decreased muzzle velocity
This makes no sense. Has Hellatze stolen your account?
I guess what OP means is barrels that can extend/retract, seemingly for stealth(?) but with some kind of accuracy penalty.
If that's the suggestion, it'll look cool but I can't see how it will affect detection much, and the optimal combat range is pretty limited and well in the range of APS anyway (assuming those are going to be APS barrels).
i was mainly referring to both or just APS, i also should've put mild muzzle velocity decrease instead.

the cooldown and decreased firing angle would be in place because of thinner barrel diameter and more assumed mechanical complexity in the cannon system.


explained some things with parenthesis.