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Full Version: [GT] [Forebonding] [Expert 45(?)FP] Colossus overhaul [COMPLETED]
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Hello people! It's ironic how more than a year ago I overhauled the (at the time) Colossus (wich is now called Super Heavy barrage Bomber Chronos and it hopefully will be part of SS once again) and now I do it all over again even tough it's a completely different unit Tongue

It's sad really, because this thing did not get updated from the moment I took a hiatus a year ago! It did not even get its engine updated to the current fuel engines!

Due to the old age, the unit had the following problems

-no engine power

-partially broken shields

-broken smoke dispensers

-broken LAMS

-no detection

-crappy underslug CRAM cannons

-overly exposed missiles

-inefficient missiles

-outdated torpedoes

-not enough armor

-not enough firepower to make those 8k+ blocks Worth it

-sort of blocky and outdated looks (see the official thread for proof)

After working on it for 8 hours I am glad to show you the finished product!


-Eliminated all the original weapon systems but the nose mounted missiles, the torpedoes and the main turret on top, drastically improved them and added a vastly superior and much cooler looking missile battery

-Eliminated all the outdated engines (they were not even fuel engines) and added new ones, 2 at the back and 2 at the front

-Drastically smoothened out the shape of the craft, then passed on removing layers of metal and putting some HA layers in key locations. I also put some care in making some spaced section between armor layers, especially on the sides

-eliminated the propulsion and manouvering system and installed a new, better one that is both allowing the craft to be faster and agiler but also more durable

-eliminated the dediblade system and rebuilt it better, the craft is now not only more stable but is also capable of keeping the unit flat as a board under heavy damage

-completely removed LAMS

-redid the smoke deploying system as the old one was not working but also excessive

-redid the shield projector system. it now covers only the front and is a single layer of angles 10 intensity shields

-added detection and munition warners in a reduntant manner to allow the unit to keep fighting until it despawns due to extreme damage

General Stats

Suggested difficulty and FP cost: Expert 40FP

Block count: 8546 (200 and something more than the original)

Mass: 10.596,00

Speed: 20m/s forward, 20 m/s reverse

Altitude: 100 meters, just enough for all the missiles to not take a bath

Turning speed: should be around 7,5-8° per second

Attac run type: stationary at 1400 meters while facing the target head on to make the best use of its defence systems. It can be reduced without many performance drawbacks

Scores close to 5kk BM in the combat test


A big turret with two separate 6 barreled 30mm gatling guns, capable of a combined rate of fire of 4400 rounds per minute. perfect against flyers as they are partially inertial frag

40 9block upward facing high speed radar guided missiles used for both attacking ground, sea and airborne targets. Have a max range of about 2500 meters but I've locked them to 1500 in order for the unit to be able to defeat "hit and run" very fast, small Flying units. Each of them is armed with an explosive warhead and a 20° cone frag

40 4block downward facing low speed radar guided missiles used for attacking ground and sea targets. They provide most of the DPM of the unit as they have 2 high explosive warhead each and reload in only 8 seconds


10 9block downward facing medium speed sonar guided torpedos with two warheads each. They're able to travel quite the distance.


8 4block forward facing medium speed IR guided missiles for AA. They were there before I went in and I just needed to improve the missile composition a bit to make them work better. They also make the nose look better Big Grin

Defence systems

(1) Metal-heavy armor hybrid hull with plenty of spaced armor inside

(2) a single 10 intensity reflect shield layer at the front

(3) a smoke deploying system on the nose and around the ammoracks on the pods

(4) The dual gatling turret turns into a huge CIWS when hostile missiles are close than 700 meters. It's not as good as LAMS but it works at 100% thru smoke. very convenient

Imporrtant features

(1) No repair bots

(2) hearstone kills the main AI if it goes out of power. This is to prevent no further annoyance in having to shoot at it for 10 minutes before it despawns. A capture could be attempted by it would be hard to drill thru layers of metal and HA to put the AIs to rest. They're all in pretty much the same spot by the way, between the main engines at the back.

(3) all weapons can be manually controlled. It could be possible to control the craft itself but I would not put my name on it

(4) has peculiar looking missile doors. They open up when the enemy is closer than 1600 meters and they position themselfes in front of the missile gantries to "maybe" prevent stray shots from hitting and disabling the precious missiles.

I overhauled this thing trying to both rip out the useless stuff inside the unit but also keep it true to the lore. I may have succeded. It's sort of an all rounder; it can decently defend itself against all threats from the front and has an armament that should be able to at least put a scratch on most things unlike the previous version.

I also do think it's a major improvement in the aesthetic department, but if you feel like helping me make it look even better go ahead and satisfy me :3

P.S: As combat tests go it seems capable of putting to rest most other Expert units of the other factions and some godlies too. Not too shabby. If you ever have the idea of nerfing it please don't touch the armor. I removed 20% of the missiles from the big missile bays already, and you can quite easily do that too.
Another amazing design by ARCANGELLO
(2016-08-30, 04:33 AM)Lord O Talons Wrote: [ -> ]Another amazing design by ARCANGELLO


I was also just informed the old Colossus was Forebonding, so I changed the title to forebonding Big Grin
Almost forgot: the unit is heavy so don't spawn it too low, if you do it will just take a little bath and then come right up

Newer version in the OP:

-Added Emergency huge propellers that will activate if altitude is lower than 20. Now it won't have any more problems spawning underwater if that ever happens. It does not stay in the water when damaged since it's gonna weigh less at that point Big Grin

-I forgot to put simmetry while putting the cover for the torpedo bays. Added the missing one

-I forgot to armor the base of the AA missile pods. As a result if hit that part got shot and the battery was rendered inoperable

-added 2 more dediblades
Sigh, just noticed that CIWS can't aim the cannons properly because they're not in the middle of the turret. I'll have to modify it to be effective. I was baffled when I noticed my Iron Wolf overhaul was better at shooting down missiles even tough all its 6 anti-missile turrets had an inferior rof to the one on the Colossus!
Updated OP with new pictures and a new version

-updated turret to make the CIWS actually work as intended. I think I've done a good job in making the new turret look ncie but something tells me someone could help me make it look even better regardless

-added heat decoy sticks at the top and sides of the turrets to draw missiles to get shot at better by the CIWS
Bonus screenshots!

SO...I tried spawning 6 Flying squirrels against it and this happened. really happy with the miniguns now
Updated OP with Combat test score

Also overhauled the turret a bit to perform better both AA and CIWS role
I was noticed by Bane5 that the BP file didn't work. It should now. In the case it still does not work right click on the download link and "save as BP file" in your constructables folder.
Looks like the Colossus was removed from the game a while back, thats why its in such a sorry condition. It was accidentally re-added due to some internal updating snafus. (Nicks older version of the game updated onto mine putting the thing back in and I didnt notice) I have now re-removed it.
Ill Move this thread over to GT evaluation so it "can" be used if there turns out to be a glaring hole in the FP line up in the future.
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