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Full Version: Remove the Copperhead (as subvehicle)
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While it is a cool bike, the issues it causes...

1) It spawns under the ground. I can't kill it and they pop up randomly when I turned the AIs of my vehicles off to prevent wasting ammo and fuel while I am looking for a way to kill those bikes.

2) They are suicidal. While that is a (mostly) good thing against the player, they suicide on their own vehicles too. Often those vehicles are the motherships.

3) They are pretty much free resources. They kill themselves => free salvage. Yay

See the attachments for visual evidence.

I think that they can be used as effective kamikaze designs though, but then they should not be used as subvehicles.
its sub-vehicle or nothing. Free spawning they spawn under ground every time.
maybe give them a balloon deployer and a water start card to make them fly back up to the surface when under the ground. (would that work?)
Playing AOTE campaign now. They still spawn in underground. And they are really just annoying and a free kill most of the time. I think they should be replaced with something that can actually fight back.
Yeah, I'm going to remove them at least until the ground buggery gets fixed, if that's even possible. I've spent at least 20% of my time in the campaign trying to fix the Lamb things already.
If the ground issue is their tendency to spawn under it then I would recommend having them drop from a decent height, they've been capable of supporting a landing from height since they were first built, and my update in their thread has further improved upon this ability.
If it is instead due to them falling through the ground due to the ground ceasing to exist due to being far enough out of the player's FOV then I'd recommend removing them, sorry they've cost you so much of your time.
Edit: just added an acb to reverse the balancing dediblade to give it lift when it falls into water, it works on most terrain, so I put it up in the copperhead's thread in in-game designs.
We tried that but it didn't work either, I think there was some other bug that caused them to revert back to ground level every now and then. I'll still try to figure out something but as it is we'll need to stop them from spawning.
How about giving the Copperhead an aerial AI, making it abort it's attack run before impact? Giving the Copperhead an AI that keeps it between 50 to 200 meters reduces the effectiveness of missiles (yay, less missile spam!), and gives the Copperhead a proper use.